Wednesday, May 13, 2009

They same time flies when you're having fun!

In the last 6 months
I Have....
*Gotten walked in on the honeymoon
*Learned to like my Mother-in-law
*Cooked one million times more than ever before (literally)
*Bought fewer clothes
*Understood what my mom always said about taking pride in a clean house
*Got a puppy
*Did one load of laundry (cuz the hubby does it!!)
*Hung out around a camp fire dozens of times
*Appreciated my mom's always well stocked fridge
*Worked through some misunderstandings
*DVR'd "man shows"
*Watched my husband become a fan of "girls shows"
*Fell in love more and more each day
*Enjoyed every minute of it!!


cheeks said...

has it really already been 6 mos? CraZY!! SO...I never heard about being walked in on?! Was that at your hotel? Classic! Way to go on the cooking. and way to go even more on finding a man that does all the laundry! :) HAs he ruined anything yet? Like, don't ya have special shirts that can't be dried...or special laundry rules?! Glad the time is flyin'!

chrissij said...

I think I missed that story too but I might have forgot due to sleep deprivation. I can't believe its been 6 months already.