Wednesday, February 16, 2011

my tv "Loves" (11-16)

I am pretty sure that this entry speaks for itself.. "I am addicted to t.v." Thank Goodness for the invention of tivo.. or I think I might spend all my time watching t.v. I love love love Glee.. it sometimes reminds me of my experience in chamber choir.. not to brag but we really could throw a song together just like they do in Glee...

If you aren't watching the amazing race you are seriously missing out, it's dramatic, informative, funny, and seriously gets you itching to travel the world.
So often I love the story lines from Private Practice much more than it's big sister Grey's.. They are more centered around family and hit way close to home!

Ahh Grey's, it's still one of my favorites even if it's CRAZY.. I don't realize it until I try to explain to someone else (my husband) and they give me the WTF face!! ha ha

What can I say??? I love gossip girl.. and apparently I am addicted to slutty, scandalous, t.v.

here's my redeeming show... I love to see the transformations that take place in both body and soul.. I would just love for Jyllian to come and kick my butt in the gym for just a week and see what results I would get!!


Jodi said...

I love almost all of your same shows...but even with DVR there is no way we can get to them all. We still have 8 amazing races to get through from the last season. I haven't been able to start Glee or Gossip Girl since they have started back...and I had to give up Greys because there wasn't enough time almost two years ago. One day we will find the time to turn on the TV least that is my little prayer in my heart.

Thanks for getting me on to Gossip Girl...Trevor has a sore spot for you about it but I still love it. Love you!

P and C said...

I only wish I had Tivo, I miss out on half those shows! However, I am SO excited to watch a new season of The Amazing Race-it's the best!!