Wednesday, October 29, 2008

"The One"

So I have to admit- as much as I hate it that my mom was right.. when you meet "the one" you just know. Things fall into place, there are no games, and you feel peaceful and complete....
I am so glad that I have found that person and as much as we have had to run around and have a million errands to run every day.. I love every minute that I get to spend with him, I love that he registered for "personal items" at Target when I wasn't looking (sorry to my little ward members who may be shocked to see that on our registry) I love that he listens to me and never gets upset even when I complain about things that could make him feel bad, I love that he puts me as numero uno in his life no questions asked, I love that he makes me feel happy and peaceful, and giddy and sexy! I love that it's him that I bought a house with and him that I get to play house with!! I love that I know that with him come rain or shine, bad times or good that I will be loved, taken care of, and 100% happy and content- Just like I look in this picture... I can't wait!!
Two Weeks til the big Day!

Thursday, October 23, 2008


Hey All.. so we got our engagement pictures taken on monday and I LOVE them. I would recommend our photographer to anyone she was so fun to work with and had great ideas, not to mention she got soooo many good shots!!! You can see more of her great pictures at - it would be worth it to take a look ;) I really loved the candid moments that she caught.. if you look closely at this one you can see my gum in my mouth!!

I think Jesse's eyes look freakin SEXY in this one....

Just a taste of the apple orchard ones... this was the cutest freakin place!!

So I don't want to spoil all the fun by showing all my pictures.. rest assured there are TONZ more- but I am saving those for the wedding!!!

Only 3 More WeEks!!!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Random Thoughts...

So as expected.. planning a wedding in such a short amount of time has been- CRAZY- for lack of a better word! So many things have just fallen into place and for that I am grateful!! Some other things that I am grateful for...
-A family who has rallied into planning mode and been so helpful
-Sisters who I can turn to when my mom is driving me crazy!
-General Conference this weekend.. I can always use a spiritual boost
-Jesse who loves me more than I could ever hope for and shows me and tells me how much he loves me on a regular basis
-Halloween candy (although I may not be so grateful when my wedding dress doesn't fit ;))
-Temple marriage- I can not wait to spend eternity with Jesse!!
-Elder Holland's talk on "angels" I know I have several "angels" that help me in so many aspects of my life!!

I honestly don't think I deserve all the blessings that I receive on a regular basis.. but I will never reject them when they are sent my way!!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

My Own Little FairyTale

Once upon a time, in a land not so far away,
There lived a fun-loving, brown-haired girl who always had plenty to say...
She had finished college and a mission too,
Sports, traveling, and chillen with friends were some of her favorite things to do.
Everywhere she went, someone had "someone she had to meet"
Lots of them sucked, but she kept waiting for someone to sweep her off her feet...
Her family gave them nicknames, Lurch and No-Neck to name a few,
You single girls out there better hope these guys don't show up to go out with you!!
Her life was fun and once or twice she thought she met "MR. RIGHT"
Sometimes it hurt and she was confused when to be with her they wouldn't fight...
Then one day, a girl she didn't even know from work said "I have a brother who's single too"
She avoided the situation as best she could but knew eventually what she would do..
She knew so little about him- he was younger and drove a BIG red truck-
Just some Wrangler wearin cowboy from Hooper would be her luck!
So they made plans for dinner and she worried about what to wear,
But when she opened the door to greet him all she could think was "he has long hair?"
Dinner and bowling were date number one..
Afterwards she wasn't sure how she felt but knew she had a lot of fun :)
Bit by bit more and more time they spent,
With each passing day she knew that he had to be heaven sent.
They'd talked about the future and thought maybe May or June
Then after 10 days apart they thought again and said "maybe we should do this soon?!?"
They picked out rings and made some plans about how and when a family they would start,
And with each passing day this girl knew she had given him her whole heart!
At the end of September they made it official with a ring and all that goes,
With only 7 weeks til the wedding how they will do it, only heaven knows.
The moment had finally come she had waited for her whole life,
To the temple she would go to become someone's eternal wife.
To kneel across the altar and be so deep in LOVE,
Is the greatest blessing that is bestowed from our Father up above.
It's the year of beginnings and ends and the start of a whole new chapter...
And when their story is complete it will say... "They lived happily ever after!"