Tuesday, August 3, 2010

a night to remember..

If you are not reading "brunette bombshell" you are missing out on one of the greatest blogs!! I fell in love with Meg's heartfelt and genuine writing from the first time I read one of her infamous "letters to the many I'll marry"- the romantic that she is instantly appealed to me. Since that day, a little over a year ago, I have been a dedicated fan of all that she writes... When I heard that Meg would be spending the summer in Utah I wanted so badly to finally meet this person who I felt like I had become friends with but I was hesitant to ask to meet her but I also feared that I would pass up a great opportunity... I am glad that I got over my initial apprehension and invited Meg over for Sunday dinner with my parents.. We had such a great time and I can honestly say that as inspiring as Meg's writing is- she is even more incredible in person!!

Here is Meg and I eating grilled pineapple... sooo yummy! My mom also make a strawberry trifle- it was so so delicious... I wanted to eat all of it.

It was so nice meeting you Meg... I hope that we can do it again sometime before you return to the big apple!!

ps- I promise I am not a weirdo- just a little over-outgoing at times!
Would any of you ever have done this?!?