Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Give Thanks!

So I have posted sooo much about myself and my life that I wanted to just say how grateful I am for all the I have.. here are a few more specific things that I am grateful for...
My Cute Husband

He is sooo good to me and makes me laugh and tickles my back and plays with my hair and...so many other things!

(This is what he looked like when we met)

My parents.. they are such great examples to me and always do SO much for me!!

My Sistas... It's so fun having your best friends in your family. My sisters are all so loving and supportive. I really enjoy the relationship I have with each of them!!

My Savior- I can't imagine my life without knowing that it will all be o.k. because of Christ's atonement that compensates for all my imperfections....

A country where I can choose what I want to believe in and where the opportunities are endless if you just put in the effort.. Also for all those fighting for our country to preserve those freedoms!

The gospel on the earth today, I love knowing we have a prophet who leads and guides us.

Temples for their beauty and sacred ordinances!

The BEST friends who are so loyal and supportive and freakin fun!!
As much as I will miss my husband in January I know my girls will be great substitutes ;)

(maybe not 100% substitutes though!!)

Smutty T.V. shows that keep me entertained on those rare nights I am bored.. I just wish they weren't so addicting!!

MAC Makeup... (I know this list is going down-hill quickly but...) seriously makeup is important to a girl!!

I am sure this list could go on on because everyday I find myself feeling gratitude for more and more. I feel truly blessed to have a home to live in, a good job, food on the table, prayers that are answered, and people who I love and that love me that make everything worthwhile.. May you all find yourselves feeling so blessed this holiday season...


Tuesday, November 18, 2008

More Pics

I guess I didn't even realize that the pictures I have posted have had somewhat serious faces but neither jesse nor I are really serious people... Here are a few other pictures that show just how excited we are to be married.. I feel like the luckiest girl!! Thanks again to Kami for all the great pics.... She was so fun to work with-- I highly recommend her for babies, families or weddings!!!

Monday, November 17, 2008

We're Back!!!!!!!!

So we had the most amazing day last thursday.. For those of you who may be confused- the reception is THIS thursday.. we just got married last week!! I highly recommend it- it was the most wonderful day.. I slept in- caught up on my tivo'd shows, took a really long shower and then went to the temple!! Afterwards we headed to Stein Erikson for a few days... It was long enough for me- but it was wonderful staying in a place like this.......

With a room like this... (there was a fireplace in the bedroom too- I think I look better in firelight ;))
A view from the room like this.....

A dead sexy husband like this......
And food like this... ( I am not sure my dress will still fit!!)

How could you go wrong?? There was a minor incident when the poor girl came to turn down our bed only to find that we were already in it!! I thought Jesse put the privacy sign up oops ;) ha ha other than that it was wonderful and everything I have always dreamed of... Now it's back to reality...
Hope to see everyone at the reception THIS thursday!!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

It's the Final Countdown!!

Well as could be expected our days the last little while have been filled from sun up to sun down.. Between trying to plan a wedding and buy a house.. Now there are just a couple of days left and we are both soo excited and anxious.. I have to say that I am sooo grateful for everyone that has supported me and helped get this all together!! Here's just a preview of our bridals.. they turned out AMAZING.. like I said before I highly recommend Kami Nelson as a photographer.. she did the best job- I couldn't have asked for anything better!!