Sunday, October 10, 2010

oh babeh babeh

Is it just me or doesn't KC just look like a big girl in this picture? Aunt Carli wanted her to ride the little things they have in the mall.. you know the ones you used to beg your parents to let you ride when you were little because you thought is was soo cool?? Well our little chica loved the ride (which doesn't surprise me because she is an adrenaline junky like her daddy) and I am sure it won't be long before she is that kid throwing herself on the floor of the mall because I won't let her ride one of these things ;)
We went to the zoo last weekend, I thought that we would miss the summer rush by going in October but I should have known with Utah weather that it would feel like a HOT summer day on October 2nd.. and there were plenty of people who were at the zoo enjoying the nice weather!
So our little KC had been held for most of the day and so Jesse tried to put her in her stroller but she was not having it- until he held her hand which magically made everything ok.. Here's KC, her daddy (holding her hand) and my daddy pushing the stroller.. to say she has these two wrapped around her finger would be an understatement!!!! Did you know that they have a baby elephant at the zoo?!? I am sure I had heard somewhere but had completely forgotten. Here is momma elephant with her baby.. I know this baby is like 1000 pounds but I still think it's so stinkin cute!!

oh and incase you can't tell this little baby monkey is nursing... it took me a minute to realize the it was eating and I thought it was so funny once I did... Maybe because the mom's nipple is like 6 inches long.. Whoa am I glad my nips didn't stretch that much from nursing!! ha ha

What?? me get in trouble?? She may look innocent but this little monkey is a mischief maker.. I literally can't turn my back for 5 seconds or she has crawled onto our fire mantle or climbed the stairs or chewed a cord or... you get the idea.. so that's my explanation for the messy floor.

And last but not least... here's what face you get when she is not happy with you complete with deep nose breathing (you know what i mean?)!! ha ha I know it's supposed to be intimidating but seriously?? I think it's so stinking cute!

What did i ever talk about in my life before having her?? I can't even begin to say how grateful I am for our princess.. she is spunky and sweet and funny and cuddley and I don't know what I would do without her!!