Monday, August 25, 2008

I Could Get Used to This....

So J&J took a much needed weekend trip to beautiful Island Park. We met up with Krystal and Booker straight from Canada eh? We had SOO much fun with them and wished that they didn't live so far away.. We will have to plan many more trips in the future!!
J&J in front of a statue.. you tell me what you think it looks like ;)

We hiked up to Grizzly Lake.. Luckily there were no bears around but it really was beautiful.. minus all the sparse foliage..

J and B decided to take a dip in the clear, ice cold water...
Krystal and I were smarter- women usually are ha ha

Then the wind picked up.. which made things much colder... J is trying to salvage some body heat here.. I told him if he put on a couple LBS. that wouldn't be a problem

I don't think he knew I took this picture.. I think he looks cute though.. Don't you?!?

Ok so I cut off half of my face but you can see his pretty Blue eyes... Love em!!

I could for sure get used to...

A Cozy Cabin in the woods

Great friends that we had such a wonderful time with

Hiking (with sunscreen and no cramps next time!)

Four-wheeling in the mountains


Being with my cute, sweet, thoughtful, boy toy

Overall I think it was a pretty good weekend.. Can't wait for the next one!!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

I've Been Tagged By Shiloh-
The Rules:
-Link the Person who Tagged you
-Mention rules on your blog
-Tell about 6 quirks of yours
-Tag 6 fellow bloggers to do the same
-Leave a comment to let them know
I TAG Shelly, Jodi, Tiff, Marcie, Emily, and Michelle
1- I am EXTREMELY afraid of the dark.
Sometimes when I am in my basement I will think I hear something and quickly run up there stairs being careful not to look behind me so I don’t see whatever creepy monsters could be down there.
2- I love love love oldies music…. (Shelly no making fun)
I have Sirious radio and I listen the the 50’s hits all the time. I know most of the words to most of the songs- their lyrics are so much easier to sing along to. When I try and sing along to songs from now-a-days I always end up humming most of it then sing really loud on the rare parts that I can understand and know!!
3- I love to eat bananas plain but can not stand them in anything…
I don’t know what this makes me but I hate bananas mixed into drinks or banana bread.. I guess I am just one of those people that likes pure flavors.. Banana flavor is just potent I guess but if a drink has bananas mixed in I probably won’t even try it.
4- I may seem like a really prissy and girly-girl but…
I don’t mind getting dirty and I am not as prissy as you might think. I like to go 4-wheeling and go fast and get dirty, I like to fish and bait my own hook and get my own fish off, if I see a spider in my room I am perfectly o.k. to kill it myself- no need to call for re-enforcements!!
5- I am willing to sacrifice comfort for fashion
If you only knew how many scars I have on my feet from shoes that cut the crap out me the first or hundredth time I wore them.. Still if they are cute I will probably wear the 101 times..
6- I am obsessed with beauty pageants!
I have to admit that this obsession is waning and I don’t mark 6 months in advance when the next pageant is on my calendar anymore but.. If I happen to see that there is going to be a pageant televised I will probably cancel plans to stay home and watch it. I have even been personally to the Miss America pageant with my mom and sisters and we had a really fun time!!

Alright I might have provided too much information but… now you know so it’s too late.. Let’s see what your quirks are!!

Monday, August 11, 2008

CarSeats, Convertibles.. and Crew

So you may or may not know that I am SLIGHTLY attached to my car... I absolutely adore her!!! But let's be honest..... Not the most practical mommy car ever- (No I am not making any announcements just thinking ahead!!) But after a weekend of babysitting and having this little cherub in the backseat in his carseat I think that I could do it.. Dontcha think?!? It doesn't look too dangerous.. DOES IT??And let's be honest most children would not be crawling out of the seat like my Crazy nephew who was not the ideal model for this shoot!! Seriously though, it's a good thing he is sooo cute cuz he is naughty and don't worry when giving him a shower he was doing his "Weiner Power" dance.. NiCe.. why are all boys obsessed?!?

What post would be complete without my ladies... SisterHood of the Traveling Pants 2 was awesome! We each have a character.. I am Carmen.. The chubby one for obvious reasons but then she is really really clutzy and that fits too perfectly.. Secret: I am the most ungraceful person.. possibly in the world!!

Shelly and I leave for Brazil in less than a month ;)!!! and then we are off to celebrate our 27th birthdays in January with a cruise to MEXICO!!!

All you marrieds out there don't be jealous.. there are times where staying single has its major benefits!!! But there are times where we would love a cute hubby to travel with too... Maybe in a few years ;)

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Isn't that Sweet?!?

Sooo.... I got flowers at work last week ( Hint: All you men- this will earn you major bonus points!) Aren't they so super pretty?!?

No Red Roses.. Perfect!!! And pink & purple are my Favs

Later that day we went for a 4-wheeler ride to watch the sunset!!

Who knew Willard Bay could look so pretty ;)
Then on Sunday the girls got together for a BBQ... Stacey had some fun news..
She's gonna be a mamma!!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

One for the Bucket List!!

My own pair of Ruby Red Slippers... I've wanted a pair of these for a while.. and I found a really good deal so- i now own these lovely ladies!!

Own a pair of designer shoes.. Now I can cross that off my list of things to do in my life!!