Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Isn't that Sweet?!?

Sooo.... I got flowers at work last week ( Hint: All you men- this will earn you major bonus points!) Aren't they so super pretty?!?

No Red Roses.. Perfect!!! And pink & purple are my Favs

Later that day we went for a 4-wheeler ride to watch the sunset!!

Who knew Willard Bay could look so pretty ;)
Then on Sunday the girls got together for a BBQ... Stacey had some fun news..
She's gonna be a mamma!!


Brian Family said...

Beautiful flowers lucky girl! That picture over Willard Bay is WAY awesome! I had alot of fun at Stacey's, Heston wanted me to tell you and Jesse thanks for making him laugh and smile!

April said...

hey jess. you are a very lucky girl getting flowers. im jealous! i hope all is doing well

Marc & Becky said...

the flowers are gorgeous and I can't believe Stacey's pregnant!! I'm so excited for her, tell her congrats for me!!

Adam & Alisha Wickern said...

Hey Jess,
You guys are just so cute! I miss seeing everyone. That is so exciting that Stacey is prego, will you tell her congratulations for me? How is she doing anyway? How is Lori too? Where are you living?
It is good to see how you are doing

Love your guts