Friday, October 30, 2009

Happy Halloween Y'all

Can i just say that I wish overalls were still "in style"?!? they are so comfortable!!
oh ya and what a difference a week makes?? I swear I wake up some mornings things have grown ;)

Thursday, October 22, 2009

It's been awhile....

So it all started on a beautiful day.... the family decided to do some boating while the good weather was still around ( in Utah that can change in the blink of an eye) As I climbed into the boat, I heard the plop of something hitting the water and looked to see my cute pink camera sinking to the bottom... Luckily Jesse was right there and quickly scooped it out.. but not soon enough.. the damage had been done..( picture of the dam second before it swallowed my camera)

But then... we remembered that we had not had the camera for very long and it still was under warranty.. so we shipped it off to Sony about 10 days ago and yesterday there was a lovely package on my doorstep.. complete with my fixed camera at the cost of $6 (for shipping)!! I am not usually a lucky person so I am extremely grateful that this situation worked out!!

As promised here are some pics of the belly at 25 weeks..

it has indeed been a while since I posted pictures so let's keep that in mind when marveling at the largeness of my belly...

Here's a view from the top... the girls are still bigger than the belly.. but not for too much longer!
and the side view...
I am now officially deducting pounds off of my weight gain to take into account the pounds that our little princess weighs (I couldn't really justify taking ounces off before!!) It makes me feel better! anyone else guilty of the same?????

Monday, October 12, 2009

I understand...

so many of my friends have mentioned the fact that they have missed being pregnant after their little once arrives. Up until this point I have contemplated what they could have missed...

-Not fitting into any of their "cute clothes"

-Swollen body parts (face,hands,feet,calves, etc...)

-an excess of gas (which is uncontrollable might I add)

-being forced to wear flat shoes or suffering immensely in the name of fashion

-adjusting to sleeping on your side instead of your back
-Back pain from Hades

o.k. so you probably get the picture... bringing new life into this world-(as many of you know) is not a walk in the park... but if for sure is worth it.. There are few things in this world that can compare to knowing that you have a healthy and active baby moving around inside you.. Most of you don't know (cuz I never shared) that a little while ago we did some tests and the results were a little shocking.. they said there was a chance that our baby could have Down Syndrome.. Jesse and I knew that despite the results we would love our baby- no matter what!! Well we have since had more tests done and found out that the first results were incorrect and our little girl doesn't appear to have anything wrong with her. Needless to say it was an emotional 4 weeks that we endured but it was amazing the peace we felt knowing that everything was going to be o.k. I am so grateful for family (especially my amazing husband) who were so supportive, and a loving Heavenly Father and Savior who certainly knew how to succor me in my time of need.

This morning as I was contemplating whether to get out of bed or not.. I began to feel the now familiar baby movements in my stomach... for a little while I just laid there with my hand over my belly and enjoyed every second of knowing that my little girl is alive and healthy. I can honestly say for the first time I understood what all my friends talk about when they say they missed being pregnant and I felt so, so priviledged to be a where I am right now!.. My mind wandered to months or even years down the road when I may feel like I did this morning-not wanting to get out of bed- and it will be this same little girl who will more-than-likely be there again.. only probably standing next to the bed encouraging her mommy to get up and start the day... Words can't express how excited I am for this new phase of my life.. Sure it will be full of responsibility and work, laughter and tears, pain and happiness.. isn't that what makes life LIFE?!?

FYI: I dropped my camera in the dam about a month ago so excuse my lack of pictures... once I get a new camera I will make-up for lost time!!

Friday, October 2, 2009

warms my insides!!

There's no doubt about it... Fall is officially here with cool mornings-moderate afternoons and freezing nights!!! This morning I just couldn't get warm so before leaving for work I busted out my Cocomotion.. put a little milk and chocolate cinnamon hot cocoa mix in and let it go.. For those of you who are not familiar with the Cocomotion and all its fabulousness (so good it deserves its own word) allow me to enlighten you..

*Cocomotion costs only $20 at your local Wal-mart
*Cocomotion is SUPER DUPER easy to use... just add milk (yes milk-not water- for X-tra creamy hot chocolate) and the hot cocoa mix of your choice (we literally have 6 cans of our "favorite" hot cocoa mixes in our cupboard)
* Cocomotion then mixes the milk and hot chocolate together while heating them to a perfect hot-but not scalding- temperature with a little added scrumptious froth on the top
Jesse and I formed a serious addiction to hot chocolate and our Cocomotion last winter and I am giddy-like a school girl- to start right back up where we left off!!