Friday, October 2, 2009

warms my insides!!

There's no doubt about it... Fall is officially here with cool mornings-moderate afternoons and freezing nights!!! This morning I just couldn't get warm so before leaving for work I busted out my Cocomotion.. put a little milk and chocolate cinnamon hot cocoa mix in and let it go.. For those of you who are not familiar with the Cocomotion and all its fabulousness (so good it deserves its own word) allow me to enlighten you..

*Cocomotion costs only $20 at your local Wal-mart
*Cocomotion is SUPER DUPER easy to use... just add milk (yes milk-not water- for X-tra creamy hot chocolate) and the hot cocoa mix of your choice (we literally have 6 cans of our "favorite" hot cocoa mixes in our cupboard)
* Cocomotion then mixes the milk and hot chocolate together while heating them to a perfect hot-but not scalding- temperature with a little added scrumptious froth on the top
Jesse and I formed a serious addiction to hot chocolate and our Cocomotion last winter and I am giddy-like a school girl- to start right back up where we left off!!


Brookie said...

i have one of these as well and we totally love it...especially my kiddos:)yumyum!