Wednesday, March 19, 2008

He Lives!!

I know that so often on my blog I write about the goings on in my life. The crazy boyz I get set up with or just fun things.. I have realized that not too often do I take the time to express my testimony or gratitude for all that I have been blessed with. This month's edition of the Ensign has a picture of Christ, (which I thought extremely appropriate considering the season) so for the last few weeks I have been reading from the Ensign for my scripture study. I have really felt the Spirit closer this last little while and I am have found that I have been happier. I often times think of what my life would be like if I didn't have the gospel and the knowledge and comfort that it brings to my soul. I know that I couldn't be happy living any other way than how I am now. I hope that each one of you reading this at sometime has felt the hand of the Lord in your life or even better felt that warmth that comes when you know he is near. I have had several experiences where I have felt those loving arms around me quite literally and have known that he is our shepherd and we are indeed his sheep. I have no doubt that he knows each and every one of us by name and is constantly reaching towards us hoping that we will extend our arms and allow him into our lives. I am so grateful to have the priesthood in my home and for the peaceful feeling that it brings. I have been able to have my dad give me a blessing when I have been in need and I can not even begin to tell you the immense help that it has given me in helping me in all situations in my life, no matter how small and silly they seem.
This picture is titled" The Gentle Healer" I can't think of a more appropriate name for our Saviour. I think of his sacrifice and great love that he has for each of us. I know that at times I make so many mistakes.. Usually that I know better than to do, but the Lord has that unconditional love for me and I have felt that even in the midst of sin and trials. I also have an amazing family who has that same unconditional love. I feel truly blessed that I have had so much love and support in my life no matter what it was that I was doing!!
As I have traveled all over the world I am always in awe of the beauty that surrounds me. Like the nights when the moon is full and bright in the sky, or being in Brazil and seeing all of the green, lush countryside and thinking it looks like "paradise." I am grateful for the world we live in, for the freedom that I have to worship and live the way that I choose. I am grateful for those who have and continue to fight for my freedom. For those who have and do sacrifice for people who they will never meet, for those who have and had a vision of how life should be and are willing to do whatever it takes to achieve their goal.

"It was in quiet grove it all began." I am grateful for Joseph Smith and his perserverance in restoring this gospel to the earth. I am also grateful for each of the prophets since then who have continued to lead and guide us and help us progress as the Lord sees fit. I am extremely grateful for President Hinckley and all of the many things he did for this church. I look forward to President Monson and what will come in his time. I know these are the last days and I pray that each of us will do all that we need to so that we may live with God again. I pray also that we may do all that we need to so that we may have him with us each day to help us to grow, and learn, and feel of his love and comfort. I know that when I do this, I am happier and life seems to go my way. Amen.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Top Down... Windows Up!!

So as many of you Utahns can tell.. Spring is on its way... Just wanted to say....

Good-Bye to this...

Hello to this!!!!

It seems like forever since I've cruised with the top down.. I can hardly wait to start again ;)

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Tribute to M.A.C. Cosmetics

A few years ago (like in high school but we aren't saying just how many years ago that was ;0) I made my first M.A.C. Cosmetic purchase... It was a plum lip liner with fluid lipstick.. I absolutely loved it and must admit that it sparked a slight obsession. While on our trip to California I was tempted to stop in every M.A.C. store in hopes of finding a new product that I "needed." I decided to suggest a few items that I think every girl could benefit from using if they don't already. First things first, a good mascara.. My personal favorite is Mascara X. This mascara really plumps my lashes but allows them to look soft at the same time. I love that this mascara is not gumpy or flaky but has the perfect consistancy. The wand is also very nice and separates the lashes helping with the "fuller-look."

My next must have is select tint foundation. I understand that some people may need more coverage depending on their skin but this is a VERY light formula that helps to even out skin tones.. Honestly this foundation is nice because it moisturizes, has SPF 15 in it while giving a great coverage.. It is kissable foundation as well because you aren't worried that your cheek will taste like make-up or that it will rub off too easily ;) I highly recommend this for those girls who like to look like they don't have a lot of make-up on.

For cheeks I like to look like I have "sun-kissed" cheeks.. I use a blush called Sunbasque during the winter months when I don't have much color in my face but during the summer I prefer a shimmer bronzer called Northern Light that doesn't add the color but just highlights the cheek and give it a slight glow. While we were in California Jodi bought this product from another line, the sales lady called it super model in a bottle but basically the idea is to give the effect of the picture above.. A high shimmer highlighting the cheek bones... I think I may have to find a similar M.A.C. product and try this look at night this summer!!!

All right girls if you don't already know about M.A.C. pigments you are seriously missing out.. These are highly concentrated color dusts that you can use either as a substitute for eye shadow or to enhance the color on your eyes... I have a color similar to the one above that I actually use to highlight just below my brow and in the corner of my eyes after i have applied eye shadow.. I also recommend the colors Chocolate Brown, Rose, and Olive... They are all beautiful by themselves and great compliments to other colors..
I forgot to download a picture of eye shadow but a couple colors that I couldn't live without are Naked Lunch as a base color and either Sable( a shimmery brown) or Club( an iridescent black) depending on the color of outfit I am wearing!!!

M.A.C. has great eyeliner colors if you are looking for a little softer look that just black. Two colors that I recommend are Prunella(a deep purple) and Teddy( a lighter brown/gold).. I find that these colors are dark enough to accent the eyes but with a day look to them as well.

Now it's on to lips.. My friends will tell you that I have a slight fetish for lipstick and lip glosses... I have three lip liners that I use and surprisingly I use all three with the exact same lipglosses depending on my outfit and the situation. My three favorite are.. Plum (still after all these years it is a great color,) Half-Red (my newest find that I have found is lighter than plum but still looks good for both day and night) and Whirl.. this is the lightest of my lip liner colors and honestly it goes the best for day looks and especially just a little liner and clear gloss..

Last but not least... not by a long shot... LipGlass!!!!! I really could never list all of the colors that are currently in my purse but the two I use the most are Blissfully Buzzed( a creamy shimmery light color)... Viva Glam VI( pinky/red with a slight gold shimmer)... and Hot Stuff ( slightly pink shimmer with lip plumper)!!
Hee Hee I hope that all of you who share an interest in make-up enjoy some of my suggestions.. For all of you who don't really get the make-up thing I am sure that you can enjoy at least the Lip Gloss!!
I hope whoever I marry understands my infatuation with this make-up and will allow me to indulge every once in a while.. If not I may just have to get a job at the M.A.C. counter to support the habit ;0


Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Well as some of you may or may not know the girls and I took a much needed vacation to sunny California last weekend and here's a highlight of out trip. The pictures I am sorry to say are a compilation of mine and Jodi's so they are in a completely random order.. When we arrived on thursday we just picked up our car and headed to grab something to eat.. Thank goodness the rent-a-car service did not have the car that we had originally paid for so to compensate us they offered free GPS in our car for the whole week!!! It was seriously a life saver..
Friday night after a long day of shopping we decided to eat at the...
I know it sounds delicious.. the sign on the door says "eating out never tasted so good" sorry for all you pure minds out there but I just had to share.. Well anyways we were standing there, minding our own business, when my friend Jodi says " I think someone famous just walked by" we all immediately followed this "famous person" only to find out that Jodi was right- it was none other that miss Posh Spice herself- Victoria Beckham (sans the hubby unfortunately) but she was just in jeans and a t-shirt and it was really cool to see her down to earth like a normal person.

Our next night was absolutely AMAZING!! We went to see Wicked.. I have been listening to the soundtrack for over a year now and seeing the full production and finally understanding the context of the songs was the best. The actors and actresses had wonderful voices.. better than the original cast or at least comparable...

Me, Jodi, and Lindsey on the beach of Santa Monica.. Don't you love that sunshine?!? It was so nice, especially considering that it was 29 degrees and snowing at home ;)

Here's Aimee (Shelly's cousin), Shelly, and Me after Wicked...

So here we are just driving along Santa Monica Blvd. when Shelly says, "I am 90% sure that the temple is somewhere along this road." To which I replied " I am 100% because there is angel Moroni rising about the sky rise"... This picture was taken from our car, right in downtown L.A... how fun is that??

Don't hate us cuz we are beautiful!! These glasses were on Santa Monica Pier.. Which do you like the best?!? Be honest

OOH La La.. This is me gettting ready to soak in the hot tub... Thanks Jodi you should think about professionally taking pictures the lighting and angle were perfect ha ha

Aimee, Jess, Shelly, Lindsey, Jodi in the lobby after wicked... Can you tell by the smiles how much we LOVED the show??

Me, Shelly, Jodi, and Lindsey in front of the Kodak Theater.. They had yet another shopping center right there!! I swear all these people do is shop.

Jess and Lindsey in the Hot Tub... I think the steam really adds something to this picture..
Well there you have it, my trip to Cali. in a nut shell. Thanks girls for the memories and the great time. Next time we do this lets go for much longer and somewhere much farther away and even warmer... I really am grateful for friends who enjoy life as much as I do and who are always up for anything, I wouldn't change them for the world!! It was also nice getting to know Lindsey.. she may think we are crazy after four days with us but this is what "late twenties" and still single will do to ya!!! No matter what life will bring I will forever hold dear the experiences that I am having right now and wouldn't trade them for anything.