Wednesday, April 29, 2009


So there's been some talk in our family- talk about expanding from a threesome (including Lilah our puppy) to a foursome. Sometimes I get really excited when I think about it, afterall it's been a dream of mine for a while, but sometimes if I think about it a lot I get kinda scared...

Scared?? yep that's right scared but not scared of normal things like most women like..
I don't worry about my girl parts stretching to 9 cm or the pangs of nausea that may plague me for the first 3 months or the increase chance or hemroids suddenly protruding from my rear end. I don't fret that I may develope gestational diabetes, acne, or warts from the increase of hormones.

What scares me the most is gaining weight.. I know common concern right?!? Here's the thing I have struggled with the weight issue for my entire life. I swear I can't even look at food sometimes without gaining a pound.. (ha ha) So after years and years of diets and exercise, I finally feel like I am at a good place with my body and I have to ask myself if I really want to throw it all away????

Don't think less of me for feeling this way. I know what choice will win out in the end- but I am asking you- family-friend-lurker- for advice..
How have you maintained a decent weight while pregnant???

What ideas do you have for losing the weight post baby???
A friend of mine has written about her fabulous post-pardem diet plan that I can tell would work for me but I want to hear more!!

I am not making a confession of any kind, but any of you that know me know that I am a planner- it comforts me to know what to expect before it happens..

thanks so much!!

Monday, April 27, 2009

I'm Wishin..

I'm wishing that this crappy weather will go away so I can go from my car lookin like this...To this.. I love the feel of the wind in my hair, the radio music playing real loud, and the freedom that a convertible somehow adds to my life ;)
Let's cross our fingers that permanent warm weather is headed our way and here to stay!

Friday, April 24, 2009

~Something to Cherish~

I found this website one day via lelove and it inspired me to to write this...

Meet Dorothy~Dot~Dorthea~Grandma Cole~Dorth-Vader
my spunky-don't be fooled by her innocent look- 91 yr.-old grandma
She is by far one of the most talented, funniest, strongest women I know!
Her memory may not be what it once was.. She has been known to call me "ol what's her name" before...
But she loves me, I know she does- even when she forgets my name or swears at me..
And we all love her for who she is and who she has helped us become.

She was a hairdresser for years.. i remember her friends bunny and effie coming to her house to get their hair done until they were all in their 80s
When i mentioned taking her picture she hurried to fix her hair and make herself presentable

By her 90th birthday this girl had accomplished so much-
she raised five amazing daughters who are all so talented and strong just like her,
traveled everywhere, took care of a very sick husband for years, let her grandchildren take showers in the rain on her back deck, cooked with moldy cheese too many times to count, and maintained a firm belief in God and the truth of his gospel..
Who knows how much longer this little lady will be with us??
I am blessed and always will be to have had her in my life..
Even though she has been known to ask the same question 20 times in 5 minutes,
I will be grateful that I get to answer her everytime as if it were the first.
She may not always remember my name,
but I am grateful that she tells me she loves me and that she thinks I am wonderful everytime she sees me.
She may be stubborn and difficult and ornery at times,
but I love her for the lessons she has taught me through word and example!

I hope that all of us can Cherish our loved ones as they age.. They have so much to teach us if we will just take the time to listen.

The memories of loved ones will last forever if you take time for them to be created!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

sometimes i get homesick for Bahia

I miss the cute baihanas who sell acaraje (a-car-a-jay) in front of their homes..
(trust me-it is delish!)
how i love eating fresh fruit every day and drinking fresh juices
I would give anything to bite my teeth into a coxinha (co-shee-nya) filled with chicken and cheese...

I could sit and watch the boats bobbing in the water and forget my worries
or walk around cidade baixa (si-dah-gee bi-sha) and watch as the sun set behind the ocean

I could talk and laugh with Drica and play with her new baby Sabrina..

Josiane could hug me and comfort me like only a mother couldWho would have thought those first days I cried cause I missed my family, friends, and Utah~
I would have found people and places that I loved just as much thousands of miles away in Brasil..

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

one for the books..

Once upon a time, a nice family friend was determined to find me that "special someone"
So... he gave my number to his nephew who he assured me was -just my type-
The date was made and the BYU law student picked me up
No definite plans had been made so I was excited to hear that we were going to a rodeo
The question was asked... "are you hungry" to which I replied "umm yes"
(isn't it standard to feed your date unless otherwise specified???)
So we are on our way to the rodeo and we pull into a gas station
I assume that we are filling up or buying treats for the rodeo...
As we pass by the pumps I rule out option #1
but then the question is asked so.. which do you want??
I was completely baffled.. does he want me to pick the grade of gas he puts in his car or the treats?!?
then my eyes beheld what he was referring to...
This particular gas station had both a Subway and Taco Bell inside...
and this is where we were going to "dine"
I picked Taco Bell (cause I hadn't discovered the Veggie Delight yet)
Lucky for him (and me) I was a long-time veteran to blind dating and had kept my expectations low.. very very low
I will admit it took a much concerted effort to stifle my giggles as we exited the car and ordered our meals... what a story it would make!!
ahhh the dating life- it's so much better when you can look back and laugh ;)
sidenote: I later discovered this fellow had scored high enough his LSAT that he had a full-ride scholarship to any school in the country... unfortunately all he had was book smarts!!

Friday, April 17, 2009

I wonder...

I wonder how it is that I spent 26 years sleeping by myself in bed and after only 5 months the 3 days that Jesse was out of town I couldn't sleep at all without him next to me.....
Image from lelove

I wonder how it is that I always thought you had to date someone for a while to even think about marrying them but after only 4 months I met, fell in love with, and married the perfect guy for me...

I wonder how it is that everything that I was always looking for was wrapped up into one package and ended up being more than I could have ever asked for...

Image from lelove
I wonder how less than forever is ok with some people.. cuz when I think of spending even one day without Jesse it makes me sad...
I wonder how I ever thought that anyone else could be the man of my dreams when they weren't Jesse...
I wonder about and look forward to being happy for all eternity...

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Ate que Fim!! (At Last)

I am finally getting around to posting about our cruise from a little bit ago (only 4 months)..

Nothing beats sun-bathing weather in January.. I wish it looked a little like this outside these days!

Shelly is going to kill me but.. it's a total "candid" shot and at least her armpits are shaved ;)

Here we are at dinner.. Not really sure what Shelly is doing?!?

This is what we saw out our window when we arrived in Cabo San Lucas.. not too shabby

Parasailing was my absolute favorite.. I highly recommend it. You don't even feel that high up!

A safe arrival.. We saw some lady almost crash into buildings in Mazatlan.. we were glad we didn't go parasailing there

In Puerta Vallarta we went snorkeling and Paco taught us how to Latin dance..
Check out my serious dance face ;)

ooo-la-la- who knew shelly could bust a move?!?


It was Shelly and Jodi's birthday in Puerta Vallarta. I tried to convince them to get some birthday lovin from the workers on the boat- the girls looked sooo hot in their life vests the guys could hardly resist!
(don't mind my double-jointed elbow.. it looks all funky in the above picture)

Heading to one of the shows.. Jodi loved the girls in thongs..he he

It was so much fun to have a girls trip. I think for the next one shelly and jodi should find themselves a spouse so we can double our fun!!! What do you say girls??

Monday, April 13, 2009

Veggie Tales

So Summer is near- there are signs everywhere, the flowers are blooming, the grass is greening, the sun is shining and hopefully the vegetables are ripening.. I have had the biggest craving for veggies lately. Every meal all i want is a salad with tomatoes, peas, peppers, celery, cucumbers, mushrooms, avocados.. you get the point! Unfortunately the winter cost of these delectables is not so good for my wallet...

Solution for my dilemma?!?
Name: Veggie Delight
From: Subway
Calories: 230
Fat: 3 g.!!!!
Cost: $3.02 (with tax)
Ahh veggie delight (sans the onion- gross!!) ... where have you been all my life? remember when I ate at subway and got a nasty little "stomach thingy"?? it could have been avoided if I hadn't eaten the meat that sat out all day ;)
So my friends and fellow bloggers I encourage you to make this your "afternoon delight" (unless you can get the real deal!!) cuz it is soo yummy and won't put a dent in your pocket.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Tid Bits

#1 item of business

So I read your comments and took your advice and bought this cute coral number from Banana Republic.. but when she arrived she wasn't this cute color but rather something resembling red/orange and a little of coral all mixed up together plus- while she seemed to be long enough for the "g" force she was indeed much to short to be considered "modest" so... sent her packing and began a new search for a new love...
My search began at Ann Taylor Loft (I highly recommend this store)
imagine my surprise when I discovered that dresses were 25% off and another 10% on top of that because it was the first tuesday of the month (what? huh?)
Well... I am elated to announce that I found, fell in love with, and brought home for the hubby's approval...
This springy number that looks cook with a cardigan...

as well as this more sophisticated piece (that fit great)
as well as another that I couldn't find a picture of but trust me- equally as loveable as the others!!
The best part?!? Hubby said I could keep all 3 (cuz I got such a great deal) and cuz he likey the leggys in all of them.. (wonder what he will be thinkin about during church meetings.. hmmm)

#2 item of business
I would like to thank Food Network for helping me go from drab to fab (i wish) in the kitchen.. Moment of honesty here- I had never really cooked before getting married.
That having been said.. I have managed to make decent meals (and not kill my husband) in the last few months.
I attribute this success to the ability to search for "ground beef"- which happens to be thawing at home right now- and instantly having hundreds of recipes- which can be cooked in under an hour- at my finger tips!! Going out to eat can get so expensive and can be so unhealthy so I am glad I can find recipes to make at home so both Jesse and I can maintain these svelte figures we gots going on right now!! ha ha

#3 item of business

(who I saw in Wicked in L.A.)
Don't get me wrong- I think the kid has got "insane" amounts of talent (quoting the judges)
But I just am not sure that I could handle his scream-o songs and gyrating hips (you've seen the moves).. I decided to take a vote...

On the sidebar cast your vote on whether you are a fan or not.. It's anonymous so why not right?!? You can always leave me a comment as well.. I would love to hear from some of you who look but never reveal your secret identity!!

Monday, April 6, 2009

baby steps..

Just when I think that I am doin o.k... I get to hear the words of our Prophet and other leaders that help me realize I need to step it up! So for the next six months i will work on..

*Attending the temple more often

*Making my home a "temple like" haven

*Personel scripture study


*Sharing the gospel more frequently

*Taking more time with my lessons- even if I feel like they don't pay attention!

*and.. lessen my swearing (I would say quit but I know that won't happen so this is as good as it gets for now)

I am grateful for leaders who are kind, loving, inspired, and great examples...