Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Ate que Fim!! (At Last)

I am finally getting around to posting about our cruise from a little bit ago (only 4 months)..

Nothing beats sun-bathing weather in January.. I wish it looked a little like this outside these days!

Shelly is going to kill me but.. it's a total "candid" shot and at least her armpits are shaved ;)

Here we are at dinner.. Not really sure what Shelly is doing?!?

This is what we saw out our window when we arrived in Cabo San Lucas.. not too shabby

Parasailing was my absolute favorite.. I highly recommend it. You don't even feel that high up!

A safe arrival.. We saw some lady almost crash into buildings in Mazatlan.. we were glad we didn't go parasailing there

In Puerta Vallarta we went snorkeling and Paco taught us how to Latin dance..
Check out my serious dance face ;)

ooo-la-la- who knew shelly could bust a move?!?


It was Shelly and Jodi's birthday in Puerta Vallarta. I tried to convince them to get some birthday lovin from the workers on the boat- the girls looked sooo hot in their life vests the guys could hardly resist!
(don't mind my double-jointed elbow.. it looks all funky in the above picture)

Heading to one of the shows.. Jodi loved the girls in thongs..he he

It was so much fun to have a girls trip. I think for the next one shelly and jodi should find themselves a spouse so we can double our fun!!! What do you say girls??


chrissij said...

Looks like you had a lot of fun!! Girl trips are so much fun!!

Mariel said...

What a fun trip! I bet you've got some serious moves now!

So, did you make sure to get the discount on your canvases?? Check the "winner" post if you don't know what I'm talking about. I'm sure he'll give it to you still if you tell him....

Megan said...

Um... excuse me. No one is supposed to look that pretty in an orange life jacket, with no makeup, and their hair wet and pulled back. I'm trying my hardest not to hate you right now :)