Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Check this out...

So as I was going through my daily blog read I came across a blog and I must say I am sincerely enlightened, humbled, grateful, and touched. I wanted to share with all of you because I am certain that all of you (especially you mothers) will have similar feelings that I did.

Go here to find out what I am talking about...

I just wanted to share a few of my thoughts..

1. remember how we first thought that there may be something wrong with KC?? Reading the story of this woman and all that she went through brought back memories of my fears and worries when I first got the phone call from my dr.

2. emergency c-sections are NO FUN!!!! I would have been a mess without jesse there holding my hand and the barf tray!

3. It warms my heart and soul to know that there are such amazing parents in this world who are devoted to being parents. How wonderful that they have allowed this experience to be a blessing and not a negative experience! I feel that so often we only hear the negative repercussions of parent's actions- about those who are neglectful or harm their children.. what a hope-filled and inspiring story.

4. The 2 weeks that KC spent in the hospital I cried almost daily because I wanted her home with me. I can't imagine how these parents are feeling not being able to have their child home after 3 years..

There are many more things that I am thinking/feeling right now. I can honestly tell you that tonight I will hold my baby tight and hug her and thank my Heavenly Father for her, her health, her sweet spirit, and for the blessing that she is in my life!