Monday, September 17, 2007

Reality is a Biotch!!

So for all of you who like to keep updated on my love life here is something interesting. Last week was probably one of the best weeks that Jordan and I have ever had since we have dated. We got along, had fun together, it seemed like everything was perfect. That is until Friday.... Jordan was heading out of town which is nothing new but that reminded me that I needed to ask him to not go out of town the first weekend in October because it is a very important week (G-ma cole is 90 and carli sue will be 24) well I should have known that Jordan would have something planned even asking 3 weeks in advance, it is the opening weekend of the rife hunt. Jordan was kind and did agree to stay home for one of the two days but I felt bad because I wanted him home all weekend so he was bugged that I was not willing to compromise. Anyways long story short when Jordan went out of town he didn't call to tell me good-bye which really hurt my feelings and then the fact that this was yet another weekend that I was not invited just pushed my little sentimentals over the top! I got really mad and told Jordan that if that was the way that things were going to be then I was done. I don't think that either of us really thought that that would be the end but as the weekend went on things didn't get any better.
Needless to say on what should have been our one year anniversary Jordan and I decided that we did our best but we just couldn't make things work. Jordan was supposed to come home and spend time with me yesterday but ended up getting in much later than expected and then I guess he just fell asleep because he was so tired.
I am sure that some of you may be thinking what am I still doing with this guy? But I honestly have to say that there is so much good in Jordan, I had seen that for the last two months and when we first started dating he was such a good guy all of the time but there are times where it is just too much effort to put in I guess or I demand too much of him. I am sad because I felt like this time was going to be the time that we were both on the same page and make things work but I guess it wasn't meant to be. Jordan says that he would still like to date me and other people and see where that leads us but we have been down that path before and I feel like we have spun in so many circles that it is time we headed in a straight line even if it is in opposite directions. I will be o.k. I have been through this before and lucky for me I know how to handle a broken heart!! Anyone who knows of any eligible bachelors feel free to send them my way!!!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007


This weekend Jordan and I went to Snowbird with a bunch of friends and we had so much fun. Once everyone got there we got in the hot tub and the sauna and then played games. For those of you who play hand and foot you know that it can be pretty confusing and Jordan and I were trying to teach 8 people which was not very easy. After that we all decided to settle down for the night... Or at least the couples decided to. All of the single guys stayed up playing Guitar Hero. Needless to say at 2:30 in the morning I woke up to the sound of Sweet Child of Mine... I love those boys.
I also have to say that I loved being in the mountains. Everyone knows that I am not the biggest outdoors person but this kind of get away is just my thing. There was a lady who was visiting Utah from Texas and she just kept commenting on how beautiful Utah is and how she had to pinch herself every morning to believe that somewhere so beautiful exists. I remember coming home from my mission and having missed the mountains so much that was when I first cried as we flew over the Rockies. I do think I take for granted what a beautiful place we live in and I was glad to be able to appreciate it a little more this weekend.
As far as things with Jordan and I, they are going better than they have in a long time. I think we both are taking things slower this time and not taking what we have for granted which is so nice. Also I don't know what it is but I have enjoyed kissing Jordan more in the last couple of weeks than I think I ever have. Maybe after a year together Jordan has decided to compromise and kiss the way I like!!! Sunday is our one year anniversary and I am not quite sure what to expect but I will for sure keep you all posted on what happens. If any of you have any ideas on something I could give Jordan as a gift I would appreciate it.
Work is still great. My boss is a nut but I enjoy his quirkiness, it is nice to have some comic relief around when the day gets monotonous.

Sunday, September 2, 2007

TIm and Faith

Jordan can be such a sweetie. I really wanted to go and see Tim McGraw and Faith Hill but Jordan bought tickets with his friends (what a homo) Anyways about two days before the concert I got this e-mail from Jordan that has a picture of an arena attached and underneath it says row 4 seats 11 and 12 is where you and I will be at the Tim and Faith concert. I was so excited and we were on the floor and got some awesome pictures and when they exited they walked about 2 feet away from us. It was the best, and Jor is too.

Some Random Pictures

Princess Aidrey.. I love aidrey!! It was so much fun spending a week with them in Hawaii.

This is Jordan... Anyone who has not gotten to know Jordan should have a pretty good idea of who or what he is by looking at this picture. What a goofball, he makes me laugh (most of the time)

I could lived in Hawaii... Look at this sunrise and tell me you wouldn't want to wake up to that every day of your life. Too bad it is so expensive to live there. Maybe when I am old and rich.

Cade, Me, Jordan, Emma, and Aislinn in St. George. I love the St. George house.

I swear we are both the same race

This is Jordan and I in Hawaii. He had been there for a little longer than I had so he looks like he is from some other country. Don't worry I caught up to him at the end of the 10 days!!

The grass is not always greener on the other side!

So Jodi has already informed me that I am the worst blogger in the world and I realize this but there is not much that I can do ok?!? There has been a lot that has been going on in my life lately and this blog is not much of a priority.

Most of you know by now that Jordan and I are taking a break. Things between us had just gotten to the point that something had to be done. I think that the time apart has done us some good, I have for sure realized that the grass is NOT always greener on the other side. Here are a couple of real good examples of why I would make that comment.

The first little set back happened a few weeks ago when my sister set me up with this really cute kid from her ward. We had a great date, especially when you consider it was a blind date, there was some serious chemistry going on. Needless to say we ended up making out which was in no way part of my plans for the evening but I enjoyed it. Well I ended up never hearing back from him until I had some friends over to my sisters a couple of weeks later and he ended up being with some of the guys. Just my luck I know!! It ended up not being too awkward but still it bugs that he would have never called me back again.

Fast forward to last week, I had two dates and knowing my chances of having one of them turn out as well as my first date were slim to none I wasn't really looking forward to them. My first date on wednesday ended up ordering a beer at dinner and I was way more into his friend than I was him. The next date took me to Taco Bell for dinner and not just like the restaurant but we stopped at a gas station and he let me choose between Taco Bell and Subway :) I still chuckle when I think about it.

One more item to discuss... So Ryan my ex from like 2 years ago sent me a really random text the other day saying that he had dreamt that we got married to which I responded that I was single. We decided that we were going to hang out and catch up. I just didn't have a very good feeling about it so when he tried to get ahold of me I avoided his texts and calls (real mature I know.) Well later that night I did text message him to apologize and he still wanted to hang out but things just didn't work out. A little while later my neighbor came over and told me there were some guys lurking our around my car. When I went to see if they had done anything I realized they had stolen some little part off of my car. The police were called and I was pissed. Come to find out Ryan had been pissed off too so he thought it would be funny to take the parts off my car with full intentions of returning them. Well, Ryan and I never hung out and I don't think we will for a while.

So through the midst of all of these events I have been thinking a lot about Jordan and where we stand and our relationship. He was the first person I called when I found out someone had vandalized my car and he even went and ordered new parts for my car the next day. He is the person that I first think of when something funny, scary, exciting, interesting, or anything at all happens. We may not be perfect but we fit, better than I have ever fit with anyone in my life as a matter of fact. I don't know that I am 100% ready to jump back in to things but I think I will not be venturing to the other side of the fence nearly as much in the next little while!!