Monday, June 21, 2010

A special day & a VayCay!!!

I posted these pictures in wrong order so I guess I will just have to make do... First off, celebrating Jesse's first Father's day was so much fun... I didn't do much for him because his hobbies are ridiculously expensive so I just started a "rifle" fund for a gun that he desperately wants for a mere 750 buck-a-roos..Someday he will have it- who knows when!

For my dad I knew I wanted to just give him some money (I have already done shirts, shorts, music, etc...) but just giving money is sooo LAME.. so I looked up ideas for giving money and put my own little spin on it. First I took 50- one dollar bills and taped them together like Kleenex in a Kleenex box- literally..
On the one dollar bills I put little hearts with 50 reasons I love my dad..

Then I took a shoe box and put the dollar bills inside and cut a whole in the top so that the dollars could be pulled out one-by-one. It was so fun sitting next to my dad as he read through the reasons.. some were completely mine- some KC's- some from my childhood and some were reasons that I always have and always will love about my dad!!

Now let's switch gears completely....
Last week our family took a little jaunt down to San Jorge (st. george) for a little R&R
KC decided that she likes sweet potatoes- as evidenced by the smear of potatoes all over her face!!

How cute is our yellow polka dotted little princess??

Here is my niece Sydney with KC.. pretty sure they equally love each other

So it's obvious that my baby doesn't look like me.. here she is with her daddy who she does indeed resemble..

and just to reiterate how little she looks like me.. here's a direct comparison- I think it's funny when people say "oh she looks just like you" uh no actually she doesn't but thanks for trying to make me feel better a.k.a. lying !! HA HA

We also made a trip to Tuacahn to see Tarzan.. I just love the setting of the amphitheater in the red rocks.. and they did a really good job with the play.. Unfortunately I didn't get to see half of it due to an over-tired baby but what I did see was fabulous... and believe me- Tarzan's body did not disappoint...

Here's my little sister Brandee "boo" broke her leg one week before we left so she got around with the help of her studly boy toy and a wheel chair....

Here's our little girl on her first day in the pool... the shades struggle a little but have you ever tried to get a 6 month old to leave anything near them alone?!? ya, me either...
We had such a wonderful little trip.. I love spending time with my family and I am so glad when we get to spend such fun times together...
Here's one more of our girl... I think she is pretty cute- even if she doesn't even look like my baby!!

Monday, June 7, 2010

No, I am not Dead!!

I am back from my little blogging vacay!! I kept meaning to upload pictures but there just always seems to be something else more important... Our little KC is getting so big.. she has been rolling over from her stomach to her back for a couple months now but on friday she finally rolled from her back to her stomach.. once she is on her stomach her little leggies try and scoot along.. I think we may have a little crawler on our hands sooner than later!! So I have to admit, as much as I love my little chickadee.. I am not the best picture taker- I hope that I can get better as time goes on but I make no big promises... Here are some of the pictures of the last few weeks. Cousin Trey just adores KC.. he is always trying to make her laugh and wants to hold her!!Just hanging out on her belly.. her hairline resembles that of a 90 yr. old man.. but it's coming in more and more.

With summer finally here we had to sport some sunglasses.. I have to admit she looks a lot like her aunt Carli in this picture.. anyone see the resemblance??

Not sure what she is staring at.. but I love her cute little face!

So our little munchkin has been teething (my mom says we all got our teeth early) and one night she just wanted to suck on my thumb.. until she fell asleep. Lately she just sucks on her own thumb- a habit that I am hoping to stop before it starts.

Yep- that's spit up in my eyes.. at least it wasn't in my mouth!!! Let's just say we haven't played the same game since that day :)

Here's a little video of KC getting all excited when her daddy is talking to her.. She absolutely adores Jesse and gets so excited everday when he gets home from work!

We have lots of things planned for the summer so I hope to keep updates coming more regularly!!