Monday, June 7, 2010

No, I am not Dead!!

I am back from my little blogging vacay!! I kept meaning to upload pictures but there just always seems to be something else more important... Our little KC is getting so big.. she has been rolling over from her stomach to her back for a couple months now but on friday she finally rolled from her back to her stomach.. once she is on her stomach her little leggies try and scoot along.. I think we may have a little crawler on our hands sooner than later!! So I have to admit, as much as I love my little chickadee.. I am not the best picture taker- I hope that I can get better as time goes on but I make no big promises... Here are some of the pictures of the last few weeks. Cousin Trey just adores KC.. he is always trying to make her laugh and wants to hold her!!Just hanging out on her belly.. her hairline resembles that of a 90 yr. old man.. but it's coming in more and more.

With summer finally here we had to sport some sunglasses.. I have to admit she looks a lot like her aunt Carli in this picture.. anyone see the resemblance??

Not sure what she is staring at.. but I love her cute little face!

So our little munchkin has been teething (my mom says we all got our teeth early) and one night she just wanted to suck on my thumb.. until she fell asleep. Lately she just sucks on her own thumb- a habit that I am hoping to stop before it starts.

Yep- that's spit up in my eyes.. at least it wasn't in my mouth!!! Let's just say we haven't played the same game since that day :)

Here's a little video of KC getting all excited when her daddy is talking to her.. She absolutely adores Jesse and gets so excited everday when he gets home from work!

We have lots of things planned for the summer so I hope to keep updates coming more regularly!!


Reeder family said...

she is too stinkin cute! Can't wait to see her.

Drica Rodrigues said...

Ah que linda ela está!!!! Tb foi lindo ver KC respondendo para o Jesse com aqueles gritinhos que são músicas para nossos ouvidos de mães!!! O bom é que eu e KC temos o mesmo nível de inglês então deu pra entender TUDO, toda a conversa!!! hahahahaha!!! Amei o vídeo! Sempre penso em fazer um com a Sabrina mas sempre que estou disposta a fazer ela não colabora!! hahahaha!! Essa é minha filha!! Te Amo!

The Price Family said...

She is so cute! We need to get together and go to lunch or something! We have lots to catch up on!

Mrs. Alston said...

my she has grown! i think she looks like you! so adorable!!! i'm still just dying to meet her!

Shiloh and Bob Willey said...

What a darling Daddy and baby girl, too! Can't believe she is so big already! Hope Brandee's leg is okay! Love, Debbie

cheeks said...

oh, i'm totally loving the baby barf on your face pic! i can only imagine how hard you guys were laughing! so fun to see pics of sweet kc! i do love her male pattern baldness! every baby goes through some stage of funny hair! she's still so stinkin cute it doesn't even matter! so...i saw a baby pic of carli on her blog and i thought it totally was kc...other than the 80's get-up in the background! hope all is well, love and miss ya!

P and C said...

I think she looks like her Aunt Carli too-which is not a bad thing at all! ha ha I love her SO much!!!

Jessie said...

She is getting so big!

She is such a cutie! And I am lovin the spit up in your eyes picture! Totally hilarious!

JJandAL said...

What a cutie!