Tuesday, April 12, 2011


That's right.. my adorable sister Carli is going to have a little boy in June and we are all so, so excited!! To celebrate, we had a shower for her on sat. The color scheme was brown and turquoise (carli's favorite color ever!!) I thought things turned out well and wanted to share our pictures.. Here's the food table- we had yummy Hug Hes chicken salad, parmesan rolls, homemade oreos, mini cheesecakes, and turquoise slush! These ballons we got from Fun Daze in clearfield.. the balloon on the left is a rattle- it was so cute! I guess they do all kinds of fun things with balloons so check them out next time you have a party!
Here's our guest of honor (isn't that belly so adorable?!?)
Our little sister Brandee made this banner with her boyfriend's mom.. I don't think the pictures do it justice.. it really turned out so, so cute. We also made tonz of tissue paper pom poms- a couple are hanging to the sides of the banner..

I saw the idea to grow wheat grass from another person's blog.. it was so easy to do and then we just tied ribbon to the mason jars and set them on the tables.. If you are curious how to do it.. let me know, I will gladly help you out! I will for sure be using this idea in the future!!

Now it's just a waiting game- 10 more weeks til we get to meet sweet baby Rawlins!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

How we get the morning started

A couple of things about this video:

*yes, that is Hilary Duff playing in the background.. don't hate

* apparently KC is not only walking but running.. and DANCING!!

* if the camera is a little shaky it may or may not be because i didn't want to miss out on the dance party..