Monday, June 30, 2008

To Stiletto or Not Stiletto... That is the question?!?

Not a ??? for me obviously my answer will ALWAYS be stiletto!!

Stilettos for infants... (Don't they remind you of the shoes Miss Piggy always wore only a little more fashionable???) apparently there is a little controversy over whether it's wrong to put your kids in these or not... What do you think??

the only problem I would have is that these pretty little things cost $39.50 and I am afraid that kids would grow out of them so fast they wouldn't be worth it...

Well.. I have to admit that for once it's probably better that I have yet to procreate.. I would probably splurge on a pair of these and make my little girl wear them everywhere ...

One more thing... GO JASON... I sooo hope Deanna picks Him ;)

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Good-Bye Hottie!!

did graham get kicked off cuz his name doesn't start with a "j" or was it that in the moment he should have told Deanna how he felt he said nothing, not even giving he a smooch to remember him by???? Let's still celebrate his HOTTNESS even if he doesn't know how to communicate ;)

The final 3- in no particular order.....
Jesse- "the fun one" professional snowboarder who has grown on me & Deanna!

Jason-"the daddy"- totally sweet and really cute and adorable with his son (we all know I have a weakness for guys who are good with kids)

Jeremy- "the perfect one" although not so perfect for me, he seems TOO smooth and I thought his brothers were really rude!!

Who do you think she should pick?!? Let me know!!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Ready For Summer!??!

A few "Needs" to kick off the season!!

**Water, sunshine, a hot guy bringing you drinks are an added bonus**

Sunday, June 22, 2008


This Dress ...

Too bad the "G" force and her are like Paris Hilton and Lindsey Lohan.. Mortal Enemies!!!!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Don't Cry Because it's over... Smile Because it Happened!!

I got the title for my blog from stalking someone else's blog and it made me think....

Why is it that so often in life that we can't be happy with ourselves or happy for others?!? It's a choice we make so I am choosing to be happy for what was and is and will someday be...
some of my reasons to smile are...

1. Mom and Dad- who provide for me on so many levels

2. Dawn- who took all of the "sweetness genes" and left none for the rest of us!!

3. Carli- who always tells me she loves me.

4. Brandee- who feels comfortable sharing her secrets with me!

5. Parker- Dude!!

6. Syd- who has a freckle...

7. Cade- 5 year olds with glasses RoCk!!

8. Shelly- My kindred spirit.. Name that movie?!
9. Jodi- best shopping partner and pilates QUEEN
10. Deegan- who waves "hello" when you say "hola"
11. Heston- most kissable cheeks!!
12. Others who have shared themselves (if only for a couple months) with me and allowed me to learn and grow by their side... Thanks for always making me smile!!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

So Proud Sista

A little background to this photo is that Carli is a communications major with emphasis in electronic media or for those of us old-schoolers... Broadcast Journalism. Last semester she co-hosted a program at Weber state that focused on entertainment in O-town and Northern Utah but it took up so much of her time that she had to focus on other things. Carli is very talented at these sort of things and has been blessed with a great face and voice (as opposed to my voice which at times sounds like I suck helium out of balloons all day!!) Anyways, Carli is very poised and makes great comments when she is in front of the camera. A couple of months ago "Good Things Utah" had a contest for new guest hosts and Carli sent in a tape. They announced that everyone that sent in a tape would have the opportunity to guest host on the show and today was Carli's day. We were all so excited and proud of how well she did. She clogged a little at the first of the show and did great, she couldn't even hear the music and yet didn't miss a step!! I know that the television world can be difficult to get started in but I think Carli has soo much potential to really make something of herself as a talk show host or news persona one day. The camera LOVES her and so do I!! Just wanted to let my little sister know how much our whole family enjoyed sharing this experience with her today and how we can't wait to see what the future holds for her!!

Here we are with Nicea, Angie, and Reagan.. They were all so nice and chatted with us during the commercial breaks and were really funny.

Don't we make a handsome bunch?!? I can't even begin to express how much I adore my family and all the love and support that they give to everyone. They truly are some of the greatest people and I am so lucky to have them!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Do I "NEED" this?

So for those of you who have ever hung out with me and my friends you know that when we are justifying an outrageous purchase or questionable behaviour you know that we often times tell ourselves that we "needed" that $250 bag or $150 pair of jeans cuz the cheaper ones weren't as cute!! Well this time we have taken it to a whole other level.. we have decided that we "need" to go on a vacation somewhere and not just a jaunt to California like we did a couple of months ago. We "need" to go somewhere new, exotic, beautiful, and adventurous. Shelly and I started looking at cruises last weekend while I was house sitting at my sister's and the seed has been planted.. We are all currently doing our research and have looked at several destinations.. Below you will see pictures of the places on our list. As you will see, there really is nowhere that is out of the question!!
I have been thinking about the decision and have asked myself several times if I really need to spend money on such luxuries in life. Well...

Do I need to jump of these cliffs in Tulum?? Probably not but then again why not?!?

Do I need to ride in a gondola down the canals in Venice?? UMM at some point in my life the only logical answer to this question is yes so why put it off till later?

Do I need to be swimming in this water? ohh Yeah!!

Do I need to stroll along this beach with the sun setting behind me underneath these arches??? Sure!!

Do I need one of these in my life?!? ALWAYS ;) Honestly who doesn't need some good-looking man who has an accent and is probably a great kisser?? Any woman who says she hasn't dreamt of this is lying!! Who knows though- I may be content with what I have at home and can dedicate my time to finding one of these for Shelly and Jodi!! They both need more romance in their lives ;)

so Greece... Need I even ask?!?

Greece again.. Remember Costas from Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants?? Well I for sure do!!

Santorini- the epitome of Greece (in my opinion)

Do I need to see sights like this everyday for 12 days straight?? Well... I think they were made to be appreciated and a picture just doesn't do them justice.

Do I need sunshine, beaches, aqua colored water, snorkeling, my girls, and all the food we can possibly eat?!? uhhh.. Do I need to breathe?

Do I need to see the place where Brad and Angelina just purchased a home?? Heck yes.. we may have another star sighting just like in L.A.!!

Well it is pretty obvious that I do in fact "need" to go on a vacation somewhere or I am just pretty good at justifying it.. I just can't decide if I "need" to spend 2 weeks in Europe seeing the sights of the "Old World" while appreciating the architecture, art, and European lifestyle or... If I should head to warmer climates like Mexico or the Carribean?!? AHHHH I wish I could justify quitting my job and just traveling for a year... But unfortunately there is no way I "need" to be penniless and jobless at the same time!!! Let me know what you think or where you would go!