Wednesday, June 11, 2008

So Proud Sista

A little background to this photo is that Carli is a communications major with emphasis in electronic media or for those of us old-schoolers... Broadcast Journalism. Last semester she co-hosted a program at Weber state that focused on entertainment in O-town and Northern Utah but it took up so much of her time that she had to focus on other things. Carli is very talented at these sort of things and has been blessed with a great face and voice (as opposed to my voice which at times sounds like I suck helium out of balloons all day!!) Anyways, Carli is very poised and makes great comments when she is in front of the camera. A couple of months ago "Good Things Utah" had a contest for new guest hosts and Carli sent in a tape. They announced that everyone that sent in a tape would have the opportunity to guest host on the show and today was Carli's day. We were all so excited and proud of how well she did. She clogged a little at the first of the show and did great, she couldn't even hear the music and yet didn't miss a step!! I know that the television world can be difficult to get started in but I think Carli has soo much potential to really make something of herself as a talk show host or news persona one day. The camera LOVES her and so do I!! Just wanted to let my little sister know how much our whole family enjoyed sharing this experience with her today and how we can't wait to see what the future holds for her!!

Here we are with Nicea, Angie, and Reagan.. They were all so nice and chatted with us during the commercial breaks and were really funny.

Don't we make a handsome bunch?!? I can't even begin to express how much I adore my family and all the love and support that they give to everyone. They truly are some of the greatest people and I am so lucky to have them!


Mariel said...

That's crazy! I watched that VERY episode and had NO IDEA that was your sister! She did great!

Shelly said...

From the little bit I saw she did a good job. I will have to come over and watch the rest of it. You know how I like to watch her get her "clog" on!!

Just one of the Boys said...

How exciting, I missed that one! she looks like she fits right in. Arn't sisters the best? You are so beautiful too, and I love your cute, squeaky voice!