Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Do I "NEED" this?

So for those of you who have ever hung out with me and my friends you know that when we are justifying an outrageous purchase or questionable behaviour you know that we often times tell ourselves that we "needed" that $250 bag or $150 pair of jeans cuz the cheaper ones weren't as cute!! Well this time we have taken it to a whole other level.. we have decided that we "need" to go on a vacation somewhere and not just a jaunt to California like we did a couple of months ago. We "need" to go somewhere new, exotic, beautiful, and adventurous. Shelly and I started looking at cruises last weekend while I was house sitting at my sister's and the seed has been planted.. We are all currently doing our research and have looked at several destinations.. Below you will see pictures of the places on our list. As you will see, there really is nowhere that is out of the question!!
I have been thinking about the decision and have asked myself several times if I really need to spend money on such luxuries in life. Well...

Do I need to jump of these cliffs in Tulum?? Probably not but then again why not?!?

Do I need to ride in a gondola down the canals in Venice?? UMM at some point in my life the only logical answer to this question is yes so why put it off till later?

Do I need to be swimming in this water? ohh Yeah!!

Do I need to stroll along this beach with the sun setting behind me underneath these arches??? Sure!!

Do I need one of these in my life?!? ALWAYS ;) Honestly who doesn't need some good-looking man who has an accent and is probably a great kisser?? Any woman who says she hasn't dreamt of this is lying!! Who knows though- I may be content with what I have at home and can dedicate my time to finding one of these for Shelly and Jodi!! They both need more romance in their lives ;)

so Greece... Need I even ask?!?

Greece again.. Remember Costas from Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants?? Well I for sure do!!

Santorini- the epitome of Greece (in my opinion)

Do I need to see sights like this everyday for 12 days straight?? Well... I think they were made to be appreciated and a picture just doesn't do them justice.

Do I need sunshine, beaches, aqua colored water, snorkeling, my girls, and all the food we can possibly eat?!? uhhh.. Do I need to breathe?

Do I need to see the place where Brad and Angelina just purchased a home?? Heck yes.. we may have another star sighting just like in L.A.!!

Well it is pretty obvious that I do in fact "need" to go on a vacation somewhere or I am just pretty good at justifying it.. I just can't decide if I "need" to spend 2 weeks in Europe seeing the sights of the "Old World" while appreciating the architecture, art, and European lifestyle or... If I should head to warmer climates like Mexico or the Carribean?!? AHHHH I wish I could justify quitting my job and just traveling for a year... But unfortunately there is no way I "need" to be penniless and jobless at the same time!!! Let me know what you think or where you would go!


Jodi said...

Good hell Jess, lets do both! This Year. It has been close to a year since I was in Europe and close to two years since I have been to Mexico. Same for you. And I haven’t done either on a cruise. Lets do Europe in August and Mexico in November.

Cruises are so cheap and easy it would be a sin to not do this!!! Where do I sign. I think Casey and his friends would want to join too!

Drica Rodrigues said...

Eu não conheço os lugares das fotos do post, mas eu conheço aquele cara!!! hehehehehehe

Amanda Fullerton said...

I vote Europe, but I'm biased since I live there. :P

cheeks said...

wow! I would DEFINITELY say yes, YOU NEED THIS!! I wish i would have vacationed more as a single! I think i was always trying to be frugal and save...there's plenty of time for that when you're married!
Heck, some of my best memories of my friends is when we were on trips!

i think cancun sounds great! (i have an identical tulum pic to the one you posted from our cancun trip). Sun, Sand, warm water, pina coladas at the swim-up bar, cabana boys to bring more pina coladas!!!!!!

Google the CASA MAGNA MARRIOTT in trip EVER!!

I'll be home next week....probably at the softball field with bri monday the you guys have a game?

Mariel said...

I vote Greece. The pictures are amazing!