Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Good-Bye Hottie!!

did graham get kicked off cuz his name doesn't start with a "j" or was it that in the moment he should have told Deanna how he felt he said nothing, not even giving he a smooch to remember him by???? Let's still celebrate his HOTTNESS even if he doesn't know how to communicate ;)

The final 3- in no particular order.....
Jesse- "the fun one" professional snowboarder who has grown on me & Deanna!

Jason-"the daddy"- totally sweet and really cute and adorable with his son (we all know I have a weakness for guys who are good with kids)

Jeremy- "the perfect one" although not so perfect for me, he seems TOO smooth and I thought his brothers were really rude!!

Who do you think she should pick?!? Let me know!!


Garmire's said...

I think I like the daddy the best...for some reason. I don't really like the other guys. So I hope he wins!

Mariel said...

I knew you would be faithfully watching the Bachlorette! I am glad that sucker got kicked off. He's for sure the most attractive, but way to moody. I think that dating him would be a nightmare. I'm voting for the snowboarder! The other two are way to corny for me.

jess said...

ha ha I know what you mean.. Were you dying when they were sitting out on the bench and he was acting like such a douche?!? (pardon my french!!) If I were her I would have been so confused... They are all cheesy Mariel.. Logan and I used to sit and just laugh at what the guys would say to her.. Come on, real guys do not say those things!! Jesse has totally grown on me too but I have loved Jason from the start.. I just have a funny feeling about Jeremy so I hope she doesn't pick him!!