Thursday, June 16, 2011

Show me the LOVE..

Hey everyone.. I know LONG time no post.. I really have no excuse except for this little chicken head... Don't let her sweet sleeping face fool you.. she is a little spit-fire

Yes, that's an entire bag of marshmallows on the floor.. she likes to dump things out
bags of chips, bananas, juice... you name it- it has been on my floor!!

Here she is in some pajama pants I made for her.. yep you read that right.. I made these pants from scratch with a pattern and everything!! ha who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks?!?

This girl loves her fruits and veggies.. we always laugh when she won't eat anything but her veggies.. don't get me wrong, she LOVES chocolate and 'teats' more than anything but I justify the treat consumption with her veggie intake :) ha ha

oh ya and one more reason as to why I don't have time to blog.. Little miss KC decided she wanted mascara on just like mommy.. luckily she didn't poke her eye out but she definitely didn't like when I had to scrub her face to get it off..

one more thing..

I am guest blogging on

tomorrow.. so if you love me at all check out my post and leave a comment!!!

I will try and keep you better posted.. but I make no promises!!