Thursday, September 23, 2010

Hello Again...

Where has the time gone?!?? There's really no explanation for my absence, just busy and no motivation for blogging. As you can imagine our little chica has been growing like a weed and is so much fun. Here's a quick recap of some of our summer...
So little KC loves playing in the grass.. weird i know most babies hate the grass but not our little one... she doesn't even mind when she is nakey! KC went to her first parade and her is her cute Aunt Carli with her.. they seem to be enjoying it!!
And here is momma with her baby.. I know she doesn't look much like me but she is mine- I promise.

Nothing much to say about this picture except that I absolutely adore this little girl ;)

KC and Lilah have a love-hate relationship. I would say KC loves Lilah always but Lilah has good days and bad days...

Enjoying her first (and last) Oreo- who knew that an Oreo could get EVERYWHERE!!

Just another "cute" picture.. I know I am completely biased but I just want to eat her sometimes...

So our little girl is quite active.. she crawls everywhere- climbs on everything- and has tried (very unsuccessfully) to take a couple of steps.. here she is crawling through a little tunnel at a barbeque we had with some friends..

Here we are again at the bbq with our friends lori and Kapri.. Kapri and KC are 2 days apart- but pretty sure KC already makes Kapri look like a dwarf.. It's going to be so fun to watch these 2 grow up together!!

So there's a small portion of what we did this summer.. I will make sure and update more often
We went to the Dr. last week and here's the update on stats
Height 26 inches- 10%
Weight 17 lbs.- 25-50%
She has come a long way from where she started and we feel so, so blessed and grateful for how well she's doing-
This week I had to attend the funeral of my friend's 3 year old little boy.. He passed away on a day when KC had not slept well, she took the worst naps ever and was the grumpiest little girl, she cried when I put her down, and whined while I held her- to say it was a hard day would be an understatement- as soon as I got the call, however, I picked KC up and cried as I held her because the reality is I would take a million "bad" days as long as I can hold my baby and kiss her and love her... I hope we can all spend just a few extra moment to tell the ones we love how much they matter to us- because who knows how long we will have them!