Thursday, July 30, 2009

One Year Older and Wiser Too....

It's officially birthday time for this Hunk O' Mine...
There are a million things that could be said to explain how wonderful of a person Jesse is but here are just a few....
Hardest Worker* Mother’s favorite*Romantic*Sweet*Long Showerer*Non-Tie wearer*Yummy Smelling*Always ready with a compliment*Man enough to hang with the girls*Mr. Fix-it*Thoughtful*Future amazing dad*Limit Pusher*Thrill Seeker*Lover of outdoors* Bow-hunter*Hottie with blue eyes*Great Lover*Funny*Endearing*Supportive*My Perfect Match!

I don't know that I could have ever found someone that complimented me soo well but I am so grateful that I did. I am positive that there are plenty of people who are never so lucky to find what we have...

Happy Birthday Honey- I Love You LOTS!!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

There Comes a time when you have to decide...
Boy or Girl- you have got to pick a side.
If it's blue that you're feelin then a vote for "Boy" is a must...
A Boy in the future will mean cars, guns and pockets full of dust!
But if it's a Girl-and that's what your vote will be...
A Barbie-loving, Dirt bike riding daddy's girl is what you're gonna see.
Please feel free to play along in our game that's just for fun..
A healthy baby is our main concern- we'll be happy with either one!!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Summer Days

So all things baby aside here are a couple things we have been up to so far this summer....

The girls and I got together for Tiff's birthday bash... we had the worst service EVER at Piccolo Bros. in ogden but once the food got there it was pretty yummy... and of course we couldn't pass up a photo op afterwards!! To say Jesse is a HUGE George Straight fan is an understatement.. when we heard he was coming to utah we just had to go to the concert (umm well one of us just had to go and the other tagged along like a supportive, loving, generous spouse should ;))
Judging by the size of the crowd, Jesse isn't the only fan in the state.. I have never seen more people at USANA... Just in case you forgot what we look like... I love pictures like this cuz our eye colors couldn't be more different... it makes me curious as to what color our bambino's will be?!? Any guesses????

FYI: I am blaming my chubby face on the closeness of the camera...

Friday, July 17, 2009

Just a little favor...

So... I know that the sudden surge of hormones that some women experience during pregnancy can make them want "IT" all the time.. well I would like to take this opportunity to suggest something- please don't take offense- but I thought maybe you could keep this wonderful news a secret between you and your husband?!? I think it would be so much fun!!

And in all honesty those of us who are not so fortuitous find it hard to compete with these goddesses of love.. and don't even get me started on my cute little hubster who is anxiously anticipating when "the insatiable desire" is going to strike his wife- resulting in the minimum of 3 hot and sweaty sessions a day.. ha ha

Thank You-The End

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Please, tell me I am not the only one???

So last night was a rough one, I had woken up as usual at an insanely early hour to relieve my full bladder and was able to drift back to sleep quickly.. then for some unknown reason i found myself awake again just an hour later.. I sat and tried to discover why the helk i was wide awake- did I need to pee again? was I hot? was there something waking me up? umm no to all of these so I tried every possible position on the bed but I just couldn't get comfortable. Finally it dawned on me.. I was hungry! and not just normal middle of the night hungry- i was starving. So... I got my little booty out of bed as my husband is asking me where I am going at 2:30 in the morning... To the kitchen I was off. I scoured the fridge for something appetizing and then remembered the leftover egg drop soup.. which I accompanied with some yummy Triskets and of course let's not forget the half of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich that I never finished for dinner- it couldn't go to waste!!! Ha Ha I nearly laughed out loud the entire time I just sat in my kitchen with nothing but the moon to light my way and I ate until I felt content...

So back to my question... how many of you- pregnant or not- have ever had a middle of the night snack fest??? what did you eat?? and did you regret it?? I have to say i most definitely did not regret it one bit.. the whole time I kept thinking----

this hungry at 2:30+5 more hours of sleep= starving and morning sickness when I wake up.. umm no thanks!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Keepin it real..

For those of you who couldn't quite figure out how long 209 days is (I thought I would make you work for it) the due date for baby Rowe is Feb. 4 2010 which means I am nearly 11 weeks pregnant!! Now some of you.. don't hate me but I haven't really been sick.. I just barely threw up for the first time yesterday (TMI?!?) so I have NOTHING to complain about...

Like I mentioned a couple of months ago the whole gaining weight thing is hard for me (not the actual gaining of weight cuz that is suprisingly all to easy but the idea of it) so I am grateful that Jesse and I decided to do a health competition before we found out we were expecting.. It really has been so helpful to not eat sugar and drink plenty of water as well as exercising 6 days a week... hopefully once the competition ends I won't succumb to all of my "junk food" cravings!

As far as the telling of our parents I found this cutest website where you can design your own onesies and so I had one of these made for each of the grandparents (the one below is for my mom.)

Thanks so much for all of your cute and kind comments!! You all are too nice.. really, but we are super excited and for those that don't know Jesse- trust me he will make the best daddy ever.. although I may end up feeling like I always have one more child than I do!! I totally plan on keeping you all posted for the next 6 months or so....

Friday, July 10, 2009

The countdown is ON...

It seems like the older you get the quicker time passes... it used to seem like an eternity from one Christmas to another but now the jolly time of year comes much to soon (yes I am a procrastinator in the gift buying department!).. well as usual things in our lives are going quickly.. summer is almost half over and yet I feel like we haven't really done anything..

Here are some of the things we have on the books in the next little while..

13 days til Lilah gets fixed ;(
about 3 weeks til Jesse's birthday (the big 24!)
28 days til Bridger Lake.. I am going to attempt fly fishing!
77 days til Aida at Tuacon with "the girls"
113 days til Halloween
125 days til San Diego with the Hollis Clan
127 days til our 1st anniversary
160 days til the big 2-8 for me...
followed shortly by Christmas (9 days later)
and last but certainly not least......
209 days til baby Rowe arrives!!
As I was saying before.. it seems like an eternity but I am sure it will be here sooner than we expect... we are so excited and feel truly blessed!