Monday, December 27, 2010

Merry Christmas and a Winter "one"derland

Merry Christmas!!
ha ha judging by this picture you'd think our Christmas was a little overwhelming... really it was pretty low key!Here is KC at grandma sue's on christmas day.. she is such a happy smiley baby- we really lucked out..
don't be fooled by this picture.. she isn't quite walking.. but I can only imagine how cute (and crazy) it will be once she is!!
Not really sure where she gets it but this little munchkin is a chocoholic... this time she found a box of chocolates our neighbors brought us, opened it by herself, and before we noticed, she had pretty much eaten an entire dark chocolate truffle.. and left little chocolate handprints all over our couch! ha ha

Here's our super model showing off her christmas pjs.. I'm not gonna lie- she's got quite the pose

and I just realized I uploaded her birthday pictures backwards..
Here's our adorable (and very, very sick) birthday girl..
She wouldn't even let a severe case of croup stop her from some birthday cake.
She just couldn't eat it all due to her inability to breathe :( Really when I took KC to the dr. the day after her party he put her on oral steroids and said that KC had one of the worst cases of croup he'd seen..

My aunt gave her this GINORMOUS lion pillow pet.. that thing is soo cozy.. as KC is demonstrating!

Just a cute pic! True to her "winter" theme.. KC had her snowflake skirt on!!

We gave her a baby for her birthday, I wish she gave her momma kisses like she does the baby.

And here's just a little of our decorations.. we had "snowballs" hanging from the ceiling.. snowflake plates and table cloths.. we served Chili and broccoli cheese soup.

KC and mommy opening presents

and most important.. instead of a big cake we all enjoyed these snowmen mini-cakes..
They were the perfect size for individual munching!!

Some things about KC:
she is 29 inches long- 50%
weighs 18 lbs 7 oz.- 10%
she LOVES (i mean like absolutely adores) her daddy
she can (but not always does) say:
she points at and wants everything
loves chocolate and all "treats"
I can honestly say that KC is just a dream baby.. we joke that we may never have another child because they are sure to be the opposite of KC, which could be scary. We feel so blessed to have her in our lives. She is our sunshine and lights up every moment of our lives.

Monday, December 13, 2010

It must be love..

So if you know me at all you know that I love to read.. anything and everything from magazines to scriptures, fiction/non-fiction, and if really want to know a dirty little secret... I'm a sucker for a good, steamy romance novel!! Well I may have hinted (not-so subtly) that I thought a Nook would be super handy for a birthday present. I am so lucky that I happen to have the best husband in the world because he conspired with my sisters to get me a Nook and not just any Nook the new color.. wi-fi.. newest and greatest Nook.. Man- I love him.. And as if I didn't think he was a big enough stud.. he bought me a cover in my favorite color... Purple!!

So just to state one more time for the record.. I am thrilled, over-joyed, ecstatic about my birthday gift.. it makes me forget that I am one year closer to the big 3-0.. Yikes!
One birthday down.. one more to go this week.. next week I'll post pictures of my sweet KC's
Winter "one"-derland birthday party..

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A Familia 2010

Family Pictures 2010 and here are a few of the star of the show...

I honestly could just eat her up!! I just love her sweet little face...

I had to use a different photographer than I normally due but I am soo happy with the way these turned out.. If you are looking for some family pictures definitely check out

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Pura Vida

2 years have come and gone so Jesse and I decided to celebrate big-time this year... by traveling to Costa Rica!! There is so much I could say and a million pictures I could post but I will just quickly sum it all up
While in Costa Rica we:

woke up to this view every day...

Missed this munchkin like crazy...

Had this balcony to watch the sunrise/sunset from...

Played in the ocean & sand...

were begged for food by these little rascals...

caught this guy scurrying around our room....

took a zipline through this...

Over that...

next to this...

and looked pretty awesome while doing it (remember safety first!!)...

oh ya and we also went through this...

rode horses to this waterfall where Jesse decided to jump in, I opted out of the wet shorts/chaffing...

covered ourselves in volcanic mud to release our "inner beauty"...

watched this every night...

and made out while doing so...
saw crocodiles...


while riding in this down the tempisique river...

we looked so fun this little fella decided to jump on our boat and join us...
So that's it.. if you are dying to hear more details or see more pictures I would gladly oblige!
We had the best time and totally took advantage of no baby and the "Do Not Disturb" sign on the door ;)
The past couple of years have gone so fast but I can say they have been the best 2 years of my life!
P.S. we are planning a trip to Brazil next August.. let me know if you'd like to join us!!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Holy Halloween...

Let's start things off right.. Carli and Preston pull out all the stops on halloween and never disappoint.. here they are as Alice in Wonderland and the Mad Hatter... Here's a close-up of P's make-up.. doesn't it look incredible.. I love the family Halloween party.. everyone gets dressed up and it makes it so, so much fun!!

Syd and I.. she is the purple teletubby.. ha ha

So KC hated (which is actually more like despised) her costume so here is one of a very few shots of our little chick-a-dee

And here is mommy with her sweet chick.. I went as a clown (kinda)
Daddy had to miss the party so he could sit in the mountains and shoot a deer!!

And let's not forget my mamma and pappa.. a pirate and his wench!!

Here's Cade as a wizard and Samantha as Medusa.. She had a million snakes in her hair!

So there's our Halloween party.. i didn't get very many pictures- Let's be honest I struggle in the picture taking department but at least I got a few!

Stay Tuned to find out how Jesse and I celebrated 2 years together...You won't want to miss it!!!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

oh babeh babeh

Is it just me or doesn't KC just look like a big girl in this picture? Aunt Carli wanted her to ride the little things they have in the mall.. you know the ones you used to beg your parents to let you ride when you were little because you thought is was soo cool?? Well our little chica loved the ride (which doesn't surprise me because she is an adrenaline junky like her daddy) and I am sure it won't be long before she is that kid throwing herself on the floor of the mall because I won't let her ride one of these things ;)
We went to the zoo last weekend, I thought that we would miss the summer rush by going in October but I should have known with Utah weather that it would feel like a HOT summer day on October 2nd.. and there were plenty of people who were at the zoo enjoying the nice weather!
So our little KC had been held for most of the day and so Jesse tried to put her in her stroller but she was not having it- until he held her hand which magically made everything ok.. Here's KC, her daddy (holding her hand) and my daddy pushing the stroller.. to say she has these two wrapped around her finger would be an understatement!!!! Did you know that they have a baby elephant at the zoo?!? I am sure I had heard somewhere but had completely forgotten. Here is momma elephant with her baby.. I know this baby is like 1000 pounds but I still think it's so stinkin cute!!

oh and incase you can't tell this little baby monkey is nursing... it took me a minute to realize the it was eating and I thought it was so funny once I did... Maybe because the mom's nipple is like 6 inches long.. Whoa am I glad my nips didn't stretch that much from nursing!! ha ha

What?? me get in trouble?? She may look innocent but this little monkey is a mischief maker.. I literally can't turn my back for 5 seconds or she has crawled onto our fire mantle or climbed the stairs or chewed a cord or... you get the idea.. so that's my explanation for the messy floor.

And last but not least... here's what face you get when she is not happy with you complete with deep nose breathing (you know what i mean?)!! ha ha I know it's supposed to be intimidating but seriously?? I think it's so stinking cute!

What did i ever talk about in my life before having her?? I can't even begin to say how grateful I am for our princess.. she is spunky and sweet and funny and cuddley and I don't know what I would do without her!!