Monday, December 13, 2010

It must be love..

So if you know me at all you know that I love to read.. anything and everything from magazines to scriptures, fiction/non-fiction, and if really want to know a dirty little secret... I'm a sucker for a good, steamy romance novel!! Well I may have hinted (not-so subtly) that I thought a Nook would be super handy for a birthday present. I am so lucky that I happen to have the best husband in the world because he conspired with my sisters to get me a Nook and not just any Nook the new color.. wi-fi.. newest and greatest Nook.. Man- I love him.. And as if I didn't think he was a big enough stud.. he bought me a cover in my favorite color... Purple!!

So just to state one more time for the record.. I am thrilled, over-joyed, ecstatic about my birthday gift.. it makes me forget that I am one year closer to the big 3-0.. Yikes!
One birthday down.. one more to go this week.. next week I'll post pictures of my sweet KC's
Winter "one"-derland birthday party..


Marcie said...

Happy birthday Jess!!! That is an awesome gift. We got your darling Christmas the cute family pictures. I can't wait to see pic's from K.C's party.

Mrs. Alston said...

How is she already one?? We were planning on coming to visit when she was just a baby! gosh, time goes by way to fast!!! We need to get down there and FAST!

Brookie said...

happy birthday pretty girl!! i am glad to hear that you had a fabulous day! what a fun present! i really love reading too:)