Monday, December 27, 2010

Merry Christmas and a Winter "one"derland

Merry Christmas!!
ha ha judging by this picture you'd think our Christmas was a little overwhelming... really it was pretty low key!Here is KC at grandma sue's on christmas day.. she is such a happy smiley baby- we really lucked out..
don't be fooled by this picture.. she isn't quite walking.. but I can only imagine how cute (and crazy) it will be once she is!!
Not really sure where she gets it but this little munchkin is a chocoholic... this time she found a box of chocolates our neighbors brought us, opened it by herself, and before we noticed, she had pretty much eaten an entire dark chocolate truffle.. and left little chocolate handprints all over our couch! ha ha

Here's our super model showing off her christmas pjs.. I'm not gonna lie- she's got quite the pose

and I just realized I uploaded her birthday pictures backwards..
Here's our adorable (and very, very sick) birthday girl..
She wouldn't even let a severe case of croup stop her from some birthday cake.
She just couldn't eat it all due to her inability to breathe :( Really when I took KC to the dr. the day after her party he put her on oral steroids and said that KC had one of the worst cases of croup he'd seen..

My aunt gave her this GINORMOUS lion pillow pet.. that thing is soo cozy.. as KC is demonstrating!

Just a cute pic! True to her "winter" theme.. KC had her snowflake skirt on!!

We gave her a baby for her birthday, I wish she gave her momma kisses like she does the baby.

And here's just a little of our decorations.. we had "snowballs" hanging from the ceiling.. snowflake plates and table cloths.. we served Chili and broccoli cheese soup.

KC and mommy opening presents

and most important.. instead of a big cake we all enjoyed these snowmen mini-cakes..
They were the perfect size for individual munching!!

Some things about KC:
she is 29 inches long- 50%
weighs 18 lbs 7 oz.- 10%
she LOVES (i mean like absolutely adores) her daddy
she can (but not always does) say:
she points at and wants everything
loves chocolate and all "treats"
I can honestly say that KC is just a dream baby.. we joke that we may never have another child because they are sure to be the opposite of KC, which could be scary. We feel so blessed to have her in our lives. She is our sunshine and lights up every moment of our lives.


Brookie said...

she is sooo cute, jess! i am happy to see that you had a very merry christmas with your sweet little family! i also wanted to say, thank you, for being apart of my little birthday video my husband made for me:) i was totally shocked when you and shelly popped up on the screen:) it made my day...thank you for being apart of that!

Reeder family said...

poor baby sick on her birthday, she still looks adorable through it all. Looks like she had a wonderful birthday & a great christmas.

P and C said...

I'm so glad my little Kendu is feeling better! I love the pics of her in her pjs-too cute!!! She really couldn't be a better baby, let's hope mine will take after her-ha ha

Drica Rodrigues said...

Tô aqui vendo as fotos deste post e to me divertindo!!! Como KC está linda!!!! Ela é muito fofa!!! Bjs pra vcs!!