Saturday, June 21, 2008

Don't Cry Because it's over... Smile Because it Happened!!

I got the title for my blog from stalking someone else's blog and it made me think....

Why is it that so often in life that we can't be happy with ourselves or happy for others?!? It's a choice we make so I am choosing to be happy for what was and is and will someday be...
some of my reasons to smile are...

1. Mom and Dad- who provide for me on so many levels

2. Dawn- who took all of the "sweetness genes" and left none for the rest of us!!

3. Carli- who always tells me she loves me.

4. Brandee- who feels comfortable sharing her secrets with me!

5. Parker- Dude!!

6. Syd- who has a freckle...

7. Cade- 5 year olds with glasses RoCk!!

8. Shelly- My kindred spirit.. Name that movie?!
9. Jodi- best shopping partner and pilates QUEEN
10. Deegan- who waves "hello" when you say "hola"
11. Heston- most kissable cheeks!!
12. Others who have shared themselves (if only for a couple months) with me and allowed me to learn and grow by their side... Thanks for always making me smile!!


Jodi said...

Love Ya Jess!

Shelly said...

We have had some ups and downs in our relationship at times but I will always be there for you and I know you will be there for me. I am so glad to have a friend that can always make me laugh and totally gets me. Love you.....BFF!!

Brian Family said...

You are so sweet! Heston loves his Jessica and so do I! I am so glad that we stay in touch more now, I love ya to death!!