Monday, September 17, 2007

Reality is a Biotch!!

So for all of you who like to keep updated on my love life here is something interesting. Last week was probably one of the best weeks that Jordan and I have ever had since we have dated. We got along, had fun together, it seemed like everything was perfect. That is until Friday.... Jordan was heading out of town which is nothing new but that reminded me that I needed to ask him to not go out of town the first weekend in October because it is a very important week (G-ma cole is 90 and carli sue will be 24) well I should have known that Jordan would have something planned even asking 3 weeks in advance, it is the opening weekend of the rife hunt. Jordan was kind and did agree to stay home for one of the two days but I felt bad because I wanted him home all weekend so he was bugged that I was not willing to compromise. Anyways long story short when Jordan went out of town he didn't call to tell me good-bye which really hurt my feelings and then the fact that this was yet another weekend that I was not invited just pushed my little sentimentals over the top! I got really mad and told Jordan that if that was the way that things were going to be then I was done. I don't think that either of us really thought that that would be the end but as the weekend went on things didn't get any better.
Needless to say on what should have been our one year anniversary Jordan and I decided that we did our best but we just couldn't make things work. Jordan was supposed to come home and spend time with me yesterday but ended up getting in much later than expected and then I guess he just fell asleep because he was so tired.
I am sure that some of you may be thinking what am I still doing with this guy? But I honestly have to say that there is so much good in Jordan, I had seen that for the last two months and when we first started dating he was such a good guy all of the time but there are times where it is just too much effort to put in I guess or I demand too much of him. I am sad because I felt like this time was going to be the time that we were both on the same page and make things work but I guess it wasn't meant to be. Jordan says that he would still like to date me and other people and see where that leads us but we have been down that path before and I feel like we have spun in so many circles that it is time we headed in a straight line even if it is in opposite directions. I will be o.k. I have been through this before and lucky for me I know how to handle a broken heart!! Anyone who knows of any eligible bachelors feel free to send them my way!!!


Jodi said...

Jess I am so glad you are updating your blog. I had stopped looking. I can't wait to get home to talk about your last one. We will have to go walking!!!1!

cheeks said...

Hey girl...keep yo head up! Things will get better...they always do! You need someone who will appreciate you more...