Sunday, September 2, 2007

TIm and Faith

Jordan can be such a sweetie. I really wanted to go and see Tim McGraw and Faith Hill but Jordan bought tickets with his friends (what a homo) Anyways about two days before the concert I got this e-mail from Jordan that has a picture of an arena attached and underneath it says row 4 seats 11 and 12 is where you and I will be at the Tim and Faith concert. I was so excited and we were on the floor and got some awesome pictures and when they exited they walked about 2 feet away from us. It was the best, and Jor is too.


Kevin and Ruby said...

Hi Jessica, Jodie gave me her blogspot and then I found yours. It was so fun to see you the other night at Miss Roy. I hope you don't mind that I looked you up. This is sure a fun way to stay in touch!