Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Tid Bits

#1 item of business

So I read your comments and took your advice and bought this cute coral number from Banana Republic.. but when she arrived she wasn't this cute color but rather something resembling red/orange and a little of coral all mixed up together plus- while she seemed to be long enough for the "g" force she was indeed much to short to be considered "modest" so... sent her packing and began a new search for a new love...
My search began at Ann Taylor Loft (I highly recommend this store)
imagine my surprise when I discovered that dresses were 25% off and another 10% on top of that because it was the first tuesday of the month (what? huh?)
Well... I am elated to announce that I found, fell in love with, and brought home for the hubby's approval...
This springy number that looks cook with a cardigan...

as well as this more sophisticated piece (that fit great)
as well as another that I couldn't find a picture of but trust me- equally as loveable as the others!!
The best part?!? Hubby said I could keep all 3 (cuz I got such a great deal) and cuz he likey the leggys in all of them.. (wonder what he will be thinkin about during church meetings.. hmmm)

#2 item of business
I would like to thank Food Network for helping me go from drab to fab (i wish) in the kitchen.. Moment of honesty here- I had never really cooked before getting married.
That having been said.. I have managed to make decent meals (and not kill my husband) in the last few months.
I attribute this success to the ability to search for "ground beef"- which happens to be thawing at home right now- and instantly having hundreds of recipes- which can be cooked in under an hour- at my finger tips!! Going out to eat can get so expensive and can be so unhealthy so I am glad I can find recipes to make at home so both Jesse and I can maintain these svelte figures we gots going on right now!! ha ha

#3 item of business

(who I saw in Wicked in L.A.)
Don't get me wrong- I think the kid has got "insane" amounts of talent (quoting the judges)
But I just am not sure that I could handle his scream-o songs and gyrating hips (you've seen the moves).. I decided to take a vote...

On the sidebar cast your vote on whether you are a fan or not.. It's anonymous so why not right?!? You can always leave me a comment as well.. I would love to hear from some of you who look but never reveal your secret identity!!


Brookie said...

cute dresses jess!! i need to go shopping for some cute spring dresses:)maybe ill go tomorrow:)

Carli said...

Mom told me that the dress you bought wasn't near as cute as you had thought, but that you and Shelly scored on some deals at Anne Taylor Loft-I'm excited to see the new additions to your wardrobe!!! :)