Tuesday, April 21, 2009

one for the books..

Once upon a time, a nice family friend was determined to find me that "special someone"
So... he gave my number to his nephew who he assured me was -just my type-
The date was made and the BYU law student picked me up
No definite plans had been made so I was excited to hear that we were going to a rodeo
The question was asked... "are you hungry" to which I replied "umm yes"
(isn't it standard to feed your date unless otherwise specified???)
So we are on our way to the rodeo and we pull into a gas station
I assume that we are filling up or buying treats for the rodeo...
As we pass by the pumps I rule out option #1
but then the question is asked so.. which do you want??
I was completely baffled.. does he want me to pick the grade of gas he puts in his car or the treats?!?
then my eyes beheld what he was referring to...
This particular gas station had both a Subway and Taco Bell inside...
and this is where we were going to "dine"
I picked Taco Bell (cause I hadn't discovered the Veggie Delight yet)
Lucky for him (and me) I was a long-time veteran to blind dating and had kept my expectations low.. very very low
I will admit it took a much concerted effort to stifle my giggles as we exited the car and ordered our meals... what a story it would make!!
ahhh the dating life- it's so much better when you can look back and laugh ;)
sidenote: I later discovered this fellow had scored high enough his LSAT that he had a full-ride scholarship to any school in the country... unfortunately all he had was book smarts!!


Carli said...

ha ha ha I totally remember that guy! I laughed SO hard when you came home and told me what happened-you definitley had some of the BEST and by best I mean WORST blind dates!!!! :) I'm glad you survived them all!!

chrissij said...

I remember that story. I laughed so hard when I heard it!!! Cracks me up hearing it again!!