Friday, April 24, 2009

~Something to Cherish~

I found this website one day via lelove and it inspired me to to write this...

Meet Dorothy~Dot~Dorthea~Grandma Cole~Dorth-Vader
my spunky-don't be fooled by her innocent look- 91 yr.-old grandma
She is by far one of the most talented, funniest, strongest women I know!
Her memory may not be what it once was.. She has been known to call me "ol what's her name" before...
But she loves me, I know she does- even when she forgets my name or swears at me..
And we all love her for who she is and who she has helped us become.

She was a hairdresser for years.. i remember her friends bunny and effie coming to her house to get their hair done until they were all in their 80s
When i mentioned taking her picture she hurried to fix her hair and make herself presentable

By her 90th birthday this girl had accomplished so much-
she raised five amazing daughters who are all so talented and strong just like her,
traveled everywhere, took care of a very sick husband for years, let her grandchildren take showers in the rain on her back deck, cooked with moldy cheese too many times to count, and maintained a firm belief in God and the truth of his gospel..
Who knows how much longer this little lady will be with us??
I am blessed and always will be to have had her in my life..
Even though she has been known to ask the same question 20 times in 5 minutes,
I will be grateful that I get to answer her everytime as if it were the first.
She may not always remember my name,
but I am grateful that she tells me she loves me and that she thinks I am wonderful everytime she sees me.
She may be stubborn and difficult and ornery at times,
but I love her for the lessons she has taught me through word and example!

I hope that all of us can Cherish our loved ones as they age.. They have so much to teach us if we will just take the time to listen.

The memories of loved ones will last forever if you take time for them to be created!


Carli said...

Oh little Dorth-Vader!! She is SO spunky and I have LOVED living in her basement and being able to help take care of her. She is such a little sweetie!!!

Marcie said...

I'm in tears right now. This really made me miss my Grandma's. What a blessing to have had her in your life for so many years.

cheeks said...

Grandparents seriously are the best! What a sweet post to your grams! I remember residing in her basement for a couple weeks...many years ago! Wow how time flies! Good times!

Meg Fee said...

she sounds fabulous--a lucky girl you are indeed!

The Stephensen's said...

As we call her in our family Aunt Doe Doe Bird! She is very sweet and amazingly strong. I love this post Jess, We are very lucky to have such Wonderful Grandmas who happen to be sisters! Hopefully Joan will stick around for 91+ years too (even though she is seriously missing my grandpa)

Mahe Clan said...

I Love this post!! Gosh made me think of my grandma!! I hope my grandma can still be around at that age! She is hitting 79 this month on the 23rd! Sometimes its really hard since she is now losing her memory and really onery at times, but I always look back at how she was always there for me and never missed any of our games!! Gosh thanks Jess this post was great!