Wednesday, April 29, 2009


So there's been some talk in our family- talk about expanding from a threesome (including Lilah our puppy) to a foursome. Sometimes I get really excited when I think about it, afterall it's been a dream of mine for a while, but sometimes if I think about it a lot I get kinda scared...

Scared?? yep that's right scared but not scared of normal things like most women like..
I don't worry about my girl parts stretching to 9 cm or the pangs of nausea that may plague me for the first 3 months or the increase chance or hemroids suddenly protruding from my rear end. I don't fret that I may develope gestational diabetes, acne, or warts from the increase of hormones.

What scares me the most is gaining weight.. I know common concern right?!? Here's the thing I have struggled with the weight issue for my entire life. I swear I can't even look at food sometimes without gaining a pound.. (ha ha) So after years and years of diets and exercise, I finally feel like I am at a good place with my body and I have to ask myself if I really want to throw it all away????

Don't think less of me for feeling this way. I know what choice will win out in the end- but I am asking you- family-friend-lurker- for advice..
How have you maintained a decent weight while pregnant???

What ideas do you have for losing the weight post baby???
A friend of mine has written about her fabulous post-pardem diet plan that I can tell would work for me but I want to hear more!!

I am not making a confession of any kind, but any of you that know me know that I am a planner- it comforts me to know what to expect before it happens..

thanks so much!!


Adam & Leesha Wickern said...

Props to you for vocalizing your fears, I think that is a fear that almost all women have, some are just afraid to admit it. I was terrified of it!! I told my husband that I was scared to get "big" because I feel that I may never get back into my old clothes again, or he won't find me absolutely adorable or I will just get that really ugly "prego nose" (which by the way, I am starting to get it). I told myself that I was going to be as healthy as I can throughout my pregnancy and if I got a little chubby in areas I had to remind myself it was just because I was prego not because I have zero self control. I asked my husband to give me a blessing shortly after we found out we were pregnant that I would be healthy throughout this pregnancy and the baby would benefit even more because I was healthy. I am happy to say that I am 30 weeks tomorrow and I have only gained 23 lbs. That is sad to say that I am happy that I have only gained 23 lbs, but it feels good knowing that you can be healthy throughout your pregnancy and be ok with a few extra pounds. I will admit, it is a little depressing at times, when you buy new garments 3 different times throughout your pregnancy because you refuse to wear the frumpy maternity ones and you don't fit in them anymore, but just keep in mind that as long as you have peace that your baby is healthy because of the food and exercise choices you make, nothing else matters. I promise it is possible to refrain from junk food. Don't think that just because you are pregnant that you can eat whatever you want, or because you have a craving for it. I have had soooooo many cravings for chocolate or ice cream, so I get a small bowl of grapes, or strawberries. If you have a sweet craving, satisfy it with something sweet, that doesn't mean it has to be all sugar. If you have a craving for something salty, grab some carrots or celery with dip. Which by the way, a ranch dip is actually good to eat with your veggies while you are prego because the fat in the dip helps your body absorb more. Anyway, I am totally rambling. I don't mean to sound like I know everything, because I definitely don't, all I know is what I have been experiencing for the last 6+ months of my life. I promise the Lord will help with any of the fears you are having, especially because you are wanting something so wonderful! Good luck!

Adam & Leesha Wickern said...

p.s. I totally should have just sent that to you in an e-mail ha ha ha

cheeks said...

Jess! You're too cute! I don't blame you for thinking this way...i think EVERY woman has this thought before they get knocked up :) I (now with some experience) wish i would have been better at working out WHILE i was prego...just because i think it would make it easier to get back into the swing of things earlier rather than later after baby comes...since there was a habit before! E is now 9 weeks and we go for walks and i try to do some videos here and there at home, but i just started that (see, i wish i would have had the habit and drive to start 4 weeks ago! I guess with summer just around the corner it will be more of a motivator! Also, they say if you were in good shape before that helps too. I don't know...just plan on breastfeeding, cuz that's an easy 500 cals/day!! I think you're ready to "expand!" E would love a little playmate for when we move back to utah! XOXO

Kevin and Ruby said...

Jess you are too cute! :) This is actually a category I do have experience with ;) In the end, you know you will have a baby. The earlier you do, the easier it is to lose the weight. The older I get the harder it is to lose the weight. Just so you know, when you are nursing you do lose weight, BUT your body is still in baby mode. You won't totally lose all the weight until AFTER you are done breast feeding. I always tell myself, "it took 9 months to put it on. I am going to give myself 9 months to take it off." My best weight loss tip is to get a jogger for the baby and walk. I am not a big runner, but walking 60 min a day with your baby is fun and a chance to bond. Get a friend to do it with you.

Last thing, I know you are learning to cook. Keep practicing. You will be great. Homemade meals is the only way to really keep track of your health. I only eat fast food/restaurant food once or twice a month.

Reeder family said...

I believe you can maintain a good pregnacy weight, i think you will be really surprised. Eat a ton of little meals while prego helps. I also believe if you breastfeed for a while your weight comes right off. I think after two weeks after birth that flab isn't there anymore. Trust me having a baby will give you a ton of excercise. By the way that is such exciting news to here about you guys expanding your family.

Michelle said...

I thought I would comment that every pregnancy is different... With Jack even eating healthy and limiting the junk food to (like a cookie or two on a Sunday) and exercising for 45 minutes a day I still gained more than the 'average' amount of weight gain. I'm trying to remember... I know it was 45+ pounds.

I lost 30 pounds, however, the first two weeks after Jack was born... I'm guessing I must have retained a lot of water or something, because I didn't start excercizing until I was feeling good - which was probably around 3 months. Yikes.

They say if you are breastfeeding you will keep on an additional 5 to 10 pounds until you're done (yeah, crazy). I didn't really feel back to 'normal' until after I stopped breastfeeding Jack - and that's when I got back to my original weight. So that was like 9 months out...

Good luck with finding good ways to keep on track. I would say the self-control and healthy eating/exercise that you are doing now before you're pregnant will be very beneficial to you to keep up while you are pregnant...

chrissij said...

In my experience if you are in really good shape before the baby you lose it faster. With breastfeeding you lose it quicker also. With Treyden I wasn't in as good as shape so it took me longer to lose it. Before I got preggo with Paislee I was running and in really good shape. I went on a no sugar, no white flour diet and lost more weight. So after Paislee it came off a lot quicker. Exercising during your pregnancy also helps even if its just walking and eating well.
I gained a lot more than the average weight with Dakota and Treyden (you saw me I was huge with all of them) but I was still healthy and they came out healthy. Even with Dakota being a lot younger and in better shape I still gained weight. I remember the nurse chewing me out for drinking pop and told me I needed to stop because that's what was making me gain weight. I told her I wasn't drinking pop. I didn't drink any pop. The doctor told me it was fine. I was just over average weight.

I think with all of my pregnancies the ones I was in better shape to begin with and exercised throughout I lost more after (Dakota, Tyson and I'm still working on Paislee but I've lost most of it) I have some great pregnancy exercise dvd's I'll give you if you want them when you get pregnant. I have a yoga one and a cardio one. They have something for each trimester.

Wade and Taryn said...

My advise is to not have the mentality that you are eating for two. You only need to consume I think 300 to 500 calories more a day which is not much. That is what worked for me adn of course what everyone else said breastfeeding helps afterwards.
It was fun getting together at Rodizio!!