Friday, May 1, 2009


I am feeling a little down today (i know it should be a crime cuz it's friday) so I thought I would steal an idea from this blog and think of things that make me happy in no particular order...

1. Lilah's puppy breath and kisses in the morning
2. the way Jesse "strips" his clothes off before bed ;)
3. Tulips, cala lillies, and lilac bushes
4. the smell of fresh cut grass
5. sleeping in on rainy saturday mornings
6. the take-off in airplanes
7. speaking/ hearing portuguese
8. new shoes
9. manicures and pedicures
10. "kitchen talks" with my sisters

What makes you happy?!?

Have a good weekend!!!

Mine will be spent trying to make this....
Look like this...

Wish me luck!!


chrissij said...

I would love my yard to look like that. Want to come help me make mine look like that? lol JK

cheeks said...

good luck with the yard! THose are always nice projects...once they're over with! sorry you were bummed today! Hope your weekend is much better! MUAH!!

Mrs. Alston said...

what would make me happy is knowing how jesse 'strips' before bed...haha!