Friday, May 22, 2009

Sountrack of life

For most of us our soundtrack started as an infant as our mothers or fathers softly sang their sweetest lullabies to usher us off to dreamland..(Mocking bird, bushel and a peck) Although we may not remember these exact moments, they started us on a path of music becoming a constant factor in our lives. As we grow- these songs are everywhere- they are the songs that your dad does the funky chicken to our your mom does her "finger dance"... songs that can take you back to that time and place in the blink of an eye..

Of course there are the songs of your childhood.. back when you wore spandex and one neon pink sock on top of your neon green one... cuz you were soooo cool! Or the music your babysitter would sing along to as she laid out on your deck (Soul Asylum- Runaway Train, Gin Blossoms- hey Jealousy).

We always hear people referring to "Old School" songs which, for you, conjures thoughts of elementary school days and your first purchased Cd's (Boyz II Men, Mariah Carey, Madonna-before she looked like a man, TLC). You probably still know all the words to some of the songs and distinctly remember the choreography that you and your friends made up at someone's house one day (Salt & Peppa- shoop and What a man, Tiffany- I think we're alone now).

Let's be honest.. will you ever forget your first concert?? Where for the first -but not the last-time you saw a guy in a fishnet shirt dancing and singing as if he should have been up on stage (Janet Jackson's-Velvet Rope Tour). What about your first boyfriend.. the one you thought could care less until he told you about this one song that reminds him of you (Tim McGraw- It's your love).

Oh and then came high school.. where you really hit your stride!! You and your friends may or may not have decided that you would pick your own theme for the stomps and all dress up according to the theme (cowgirl, crazy hair, gangsta, etc.) You never want forget about the senior guys (your sophomore year) that you couldn't wait for a good song to play so you could get your freak on (Next- too close, Nelly-Ride wit me) with them. High school is usually the time where you become familiar with the HOTTEST and NEWEST artists.. the ones all the girls want to be like (Brittany Spears) or just wanted (N'Sync, Backstreet Boys).

As you grow and change so does your taste in music.. your likes may increase and change as your dislikes decrease and music you once labeled as "boring" you discover is actually nice to listen to (Swell Season, Jota Quest, OneRepublic, Ingrid Michaelson, Adele, James Morrison.)

What about the songs that remind you of the special people in your life?!? Like your girls and your spring break road trip where you stayed in a house with guys you didn't really know and only thought afterwards how completely unsafe and unsmart that was (Gwen Stefani-Hollaback Girl.) Or the artist who your sister got a calendar of at the age of 35--cuz she thinks he is sooo HOT (Enrique Iglesias) or the song that you danced to at your sister's wedding (Michael Buble-Save the last dance for me.)

There are plenty of other situations that I'm sure evoke a variety of feelings withing you upon hearing them... Some you'd like to forget~ but some you'll treasure for always~ like the first time your husband sang his little heart out to what would eventually become "your song" (Jason Mraz- I'm Yours.)
Feel free to share a song that's forever a part of your life- for better or worse... and what memories does it bring to the surface??!!??


Brookie said...

so true how songs can competely take you back to another place.
fun to read that jess:)

cheeks said...

so...."familes can be together forever"....all the grandkids sang it at my gmas funeral. i still can't really sing it to Emri without tearing up because Emri Eleanor is named after her great gma. that's a special one to me.

"Broken Road" by Rascal Flatts is the background on the DVD Brett made me when he proposed, then also our first dance at our reception

Ice Ice Baby....ummm, i think this goes clear back to elementary....huge crush on Vanilla Ice...i even had a book about him that i looked through every day! AND OF COURSE, still have the whole song memorized, along with all the words in the "rap" part of Waterfalls by TLC!

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun....our little singles ward trip to F.Gorge....were we in a minivan? Your parents? i can't remember all the details!

Any "boys II Men" song takes me back to my first concert---i think 7th grade!

Fun post!