Wednesday, May 27, 2009

When I grow up...

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Sometime i daydream about all the things I would do if I had unlimited~money~time~opportunity~talent~

I would want to be a teacher- the fun type who instill in their students a love for learning...

I would want to be a professional makeup artist- a good one that movie stars would ask to do their makeup for big events like the oscars or a big movie premier....

I would want to be a doctor- who took time to listen to the patient and not just write some quick-fix prescription, that won't even fix the problem and cuz I want to know all about how the body works

I would want to be a full-time student- who took classes in French, history, German, interior decorating, culinary school... just because I want to know more!

I would want to be a professor- the kind that everyone fights to get in their class because they make even the most boring subject material exciting.....

I would want to be a personal shopper- using other people's money to put together fabulous outfits with no budget at all

I would want to own a Wedding Business- to watch people's dreams come to fruition each and every day!
I would want to be a librarian- reading all the books that I want-whenever I wanted

I would want to be a stay at home mom- so I could spend time with my children and teach them- the values that I hope they embrace as they become the our Future!!