Monday, May 18, 2009


I just had to say how excited I am to see Jillian and her suitors...
I always love to see that guys can be just as dramatic and emotional as women!!
(plus there appears to be several hotties this season)
Please tell me you watch this show????
Update: Some of my front runners...
1. Mathue-with the cowboy hat
2. Jake-the pilot
3. Kiptyn-the yummy surfer
4. Michael- the funny break dancer
5. Sasha- the sexy serbian
Some of my least favs...
1. Tanner- Mr. foot fetish guy
2. Juan- the jealous argentinian
3. Brad- the corny financial advisor
and what about those previews?!? looks like it's sure to be a exciting and intense season!!


cheeks said...

so, honestly i have to say the last time i've watched the bachelor or bachelorette...was probably with you and shelly....long before your mission!!!! yeah, it's been a while! ha ha

so good to talk to you on saturday! hope your yard is coming right along!

Carli said...

You know I am TOTALLY watching it this season, even though the guys can be just as emotional, I'd rather watch them instead of the girls!! :)

chrissij said...

I'm watching too!! It looks like a good season and I love Jillian. There is quite a few HOT guys! Whew!!

Bonnie said...

I like Michael and Kiptyn best. I hate foot guy and country singer. So creepy! She picked so many guys I didn't expect she would, don't you think??