Wednesday, April 22, 2009

sometimes i get homesick for Bahia

I miss the cute baihanas who sell acaraje (a-car-a-jay) in front of their homes..
(trust me-it is delish!)
how i love eating fresh fruit every day and drinking fresh juices
I would give anything to bite my teeth into a coxinha (co-shee-nya) filled with chicken and cheese...

I could sit and watch the boats bobbing in the water and forget my worries
or walk around cidade baixa (si-dah-gee bi-sha) and watch as the sun set behind the ocean

I could talk and laugh with Drica and play with her new baby Sabrina..

Josiane could hug me and comfort me like only a mother couldWho would have thought those first days I cried cause I missed my family, friends, and Utah~
I would have found people and places that I loved just as much thousands of miles away in Brasil..


Brookie said...

what a blessing to be able to serve the people of brasil. everyone that i have talked to that have served missions say that they are some of the best memories of their life:) you are awesome jess!

Carli said...

MMMM, the food there was SO delicious!!!! I want to go back again-take me with you next time you go k! But it has to be in Salvador :)

Adam & Leesha Wickern said...

Oh man, I couldn't agree more! You never think that you could love complete strangers that much until you actually experience it! I didn't go foreign, but it was still amazing. I miss so many things about Arizona, the people, the food, the culture (especially the hispanic and Native American Culture) it is just amazing! That food does look amazing, that would be fun!!

chrissij said...

Food looks YUMMY, its making me hungry. I need to go eat breakfast. The water is beautiful!!