Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Well as some of you may or may not know the girls and I took a much needed vacation to sunny California last weekend and here's a highlight of out trip. The pictures I am sorry to say are a compilation of mine and Jodi's so they are in a completely random order.. When we arrived on thursday we just picked up our car and headed to grab something to eat.. Thank goodness the rent-a-car service did not have the car that we had originally paid for so to compensate us they offered free GPS in our car for the whole week!!! It was seriously a life saver..
Friday night after a long day of shopping we decided to eat at the...
I know it sounds delicious.. the sign on the door says "eating out never tasted so good" sorry for all you pure minds out there but I just had to share.. Well anyways we were standing there, minding our own business, when my friend Jodi says " I think someone famous just walked by" we all immediately followed this "famous person" only to find out that Jodi was right- it was none other that miss Posh Spice herself- Victoria Beckham (sans the hubby unfortunately) but she was just in jeans and a t-shirt and it was really cool to see her down to earth like a normal person.

Our next night was absolutely AMAZING!! We went to see Wicked.. I have been listening to the soundtrack for over a year now and seeing the full production and finally understanding the context of the songs was the best. The actors and actresses had wonderful voices.. better than the original cast or at least comparable...

Me, Jodi, and Lindsey on the beach of Santa Monica.. Don't you love that sunshine?!? It was so nice, especially considering that it was 29 degrees and snowing at home ;)

Here's Aimee (Shelly's cousin), Shelly, and Me after Wicked...

So here we are just driving along Santa Monica Blvd. when Shelly says, "I am 90% sure that the temple is somewhere along this road." To which I replied " I am 100% because there is angel Moroni rising about the sky rise"... This picture was taken from our car, right in downtown L.A... how fun is that??

Don't hate us cuz we are beautiful!! These glasses were on Santa Monica Pier.. Which do you like the best?!? Be honest

OOH La La.. This is me gettting ready to soak in the hot tub... Thanks Jodi you should think about professionally taking pictures the lighting and angle were perfect ha ha

Aimee, Jess, Shelly, Lindsey, Jodi in the lobby after wicked... Can you tell by the smiles how much we LOVED the show??

Me, Shelly, Jodi, and Lindsey in front of the Kodak Theater.. They had yet another shopping center right there!! I swear all these people do is shop.

Jess and Lindsey in the Hot Tub... I think the steam really adds something to this picture..
Well there you have it, my trip to Cali. in a nut shell. Thanks girls for the memories and the great time. Next time we do this lets go for much longer and somewhere much farther away and even warmer... I really am grateful for friends who enjoy life as much as I do and who are always up for anything, I wouldn't change them for the world!! It was also nice getting to know Lindsey.. she may think we are crazy after four days with us but this is what "late twenties" and still single will do to ya!!! No matter what life will bring I will forever hold dear the experiences that I am having right now and wouldn't trade them for anything.


Brian Family said...

YOu guys are so cute, I am glad you had a good time!!

Jodi said...

Well said chica!

beeshaws said...

who is the biotch in the hot tub with you?? Are you cheating on me?? You sleep with me for 3 nights and this is the thanks I get??