Wednesday, December 24, 2008

It's beginning to look a lot like....CHRISTMAS!!!

First I must say when there are this many candles on a cake... no need to celebrate!
I had to have Cade help me blow them out..his lungs are younger ;)
What a fun wedding gift!! I couldn't bear to leave him out in the cold and wet..

Let it SNOW..

and by the window their stockings hung with care...

THE TREE.. no christmas red and green for me...

Wishing you all a "joyous" holiday!

Star or Angel or.... Sparkles!!!!

We hope you all have or had a very MERRY CHRISTMAS!!


PCCook said...

Cute tree Jess, I really do like those colors together!!! How fun! :)

Brookie said...

happy birthday jess:) love your christmas tree...super cute!!

cheeks said...

love the tree colors! It's so you! Happy late bday...i'm the worst friend ever! :) Hope you had a great 1st Christmas as a married couple! I'm hoping to see you maybe this summer? We came home early Dec, and then were back in Ohio before Christmas, it was all a blur. Hopefully summer won't be so hectic! Hope you're doing great!! Loves!