Wednesday, January 21, 2009

a little of this.. and that

So life has been crazy and I promise more pic (i swiped this one from Jodi as is) but Mexico and the cruise were so much fun!! I missed my honey like crazy but it was fun to hang with the girls!!
This week Jesse and I are going to see Jeff Dunham.. If you are not easily offended I find him rather hilarious ;)

I am looking forward to seeing Achmed in person... He is one of my favorite puppets!

and then on friday shelly and I are going to listen to...

for a couple of hours.. I like her sound and I am excited to see her live!!

and then to make this post completely random... a picture of my ring

someone asked me to post a picture a while back and this is the first decent shot that I have had of it...


The Stephensen's said...

Hey Jess, it was really fun to see and talk with you the other night. Thanks for always supporting our family it means alot to all us.

PS your hubby is darling...What a cute couple you make;)

Shiloh and Bob Willey said...

How fun!! How is the new house?