Friday, September 11, 2009


Well the final countdown is finally here.. we find out on Tuesday what this little cherub will be- and we are SUPER excited!!
According to our poll (you) looks like the pink won and a girl will be in the future...
I was curious and decided to look in to what some "old wives tales" say about what our baby will be...

The chinese birth chart takes into consideration your age, and month of conception and it looks like a 27 yr. old who conceived in May can expect.. A little Girl...

Aparently if since I am carrying my weight out front.. it's a boy
and the fact that the hair on my legs doesn't grow faster now than before points to- a Girl
people have told me that I am carrying this little one "high" which is another sign- Girl
My feet are not any colder than usual (but it's freakin 90 outside how could they) which means...Girl
Jesse is still as skinny as ever which means... Girl
I guess not puking my brains out during the first 3 months means.. a boy for me
My "chest development" has been quite dramatic (no complaints from the hubby on that one) which could only mean.. Girl
When holding a needle on thread over my belly is circled which means.. Blue
It seems that my cravings for donuts, oreos, ice cream, chocolate.. yep they all indicate a Girl
My button nose has remained buttony (not a real word but oh-well)... Girl
150's is where this baby's heart is always beating which means.. Girl
My tummy resembles a basketball which means.. a little jock (boy) is in the future
I have had headaches and lots of them and apparently... a boy is the cause
and one more to top off the list...
my mom's dyed, un-gray hair.. means another girl to the clan
What have some of you done to predict gender??
Now that you know more about me and my pregnancy than you ever wanted.. you can do the math and see that the PINK far outweighs the BLUE.. I suppose it would only be fair to tell you, however, that I feel pretty certain that it's a boy... In my dreams the baby for sure has "x-tra parts" if you know what I am sayin!


cheeks said...

isn't it funny how everyone will tell you what you're having??? my mom was sure Emri was going to be a girl because the heartrate was always 150-160! also, because i was carrying high people said girl! i hadn't heard anything about the leg hairs....that's new to me! ha ha! it's so weird what your mind will do...i always assumed i would just have all boys....and that's what it always was in my dreams too, but in real life in the back of mine and brett's head we both had a PINK hunch! good luck next week! i'll be so anxious to hear!!

P and C said...

That's funny all of those "wives tales" that indicate what you are having! How fun to read about all of them though. I'm just excited either way, but everytime you talk about boy names, they just seem to fit! I'll guess we'll find out soon enough! yay!

Michelle said...

YAY! I think finding out the baby's gender is so exciting! We had a countdown for Jack's like a month and a half before and James seriously would remember "15 days!" "3 days!" "4 hours". So fun. Can't wait to find out!

em said...

I have been WONDERING when you would find out the sex! It's such a gamble, I swear! Everything pointed to having a girl for me, EXCEPT that I was carrying low (which meant boy) andI have a boy! ;)
My mom was the SAME for all SIX pregnancies. Threw up once every morning, carried low, and didn't crave sweets, but things like raw oats! ha ha
Either sex, I'm sure this baby will be adorable! What a lucky baby to have such a talented mama! ;)

em said...

Oh yeah, and Mason's heartbeat was ALWAYS in the little girl range! ha ha