Monday, February 15, 2010

2 months.. already?!?

So it's not really 2 months until thursday but lately I am lazy when it comes to blogging so I thought I better get this posted while it is on my mind! Here are some pictures of the last few weeks! ahh her very familiar "O" face.. I try to get her to make this face all the time cuz I think it's so cute..

Ready for a Valentine's party... complete with her pink cowboy boots!

Okay so we need to work on her poses and looking at the camera.. maybe next month?

Peek-a-boo.. you can't tell her eyes are still blue!! YAY

She loves her bouncer- thank goodness!! I know her daddy appreciates it's ability to lull her to sleep when it's 3am and she refuses to fall asleep in his arms!
We have a dr's appointment this week so I will be sure to update you on her stats..
the munchkin has officially moved grown out of her preemie outfits and is into newborns- we're just grateful that she is growing!


Drica Rodrigues said...

Oh como ela cresceu e está tão esperta!!! E as roupas! Todas muito "fashion"!!! Parabéns Jess!!!! Amo vcs!!!

cheeks said...

She's adorable, and you my friend are just gorgeous! i love all the faces she has! so darn cute! we got her announcement this's on the fridge, love it!

i noticed she's taking the soothie pacifiers, that's what E uses....FYI, if you go to you can order pacifiers that are the same soothie nipple, but they come in purple or pink and they have a little nose cut-out so they can breathe! we've loved em!

P and C said...

I love Kendu's "O" face!!! Holy cow-could she be any MORE DARLING?!?!?!?!?!? I'm such a proud auntie!! I love hers SO much! You look gorgeous in that first pic too sister! :) Love you both!! xoxoxox

Reeder family said...

Jess you look amazing! You look like such a happy mommy. She is growing so fast. She is so perfect and precious.

Mrs. Alston said...

oh gosh, she's so beautiful! I love her WIDE eyes in all her pictures! she's just so alert!

Kristy said...

She is so adorable! I need to come over again and give her other present to her.....well and to hold her! You look great Jess!