Thursday, January 17, 2008

Candles, Strawberries, and a Massage!!!

Just wanted to share....
So Sunday was one month since Adam and I had been on our first date.. He called me earlier that day to tell me he had a surprise for me for later that night. When I got to his apartment there were candles everywhere and soft music playing ( as opposed to the punk rock/alternative we normally listen to.) So we sit down and chat for a while about all sorts of things, which is so nice cuz so many other guys want to just jump right into the nitty-gritty!! So then Adam tells me how much he has enjoyed spending time with me that last few weeks and how great he thinks I am, you know all that sweet romantic stuff... which I totally love. He proceeds to tell me how the night is mine to be spoiled and he gives me a massage that was the best massage EVER!!
My Feelings about all of this?!? Loved it, absolutely!!! But I have to keep things in perspective and as awesome as Adam is and as much as a breath of fresh air that Adam is I have to remember that if I am going to love someone it is going to be forever and not just until death do us part. I honestly could never get married outside of the temple like my mom did with the hope that someday I will be able to be sealed to my husband.. So what do I do?? Do I continue dating Adam cuz he makes me happy and risk falling in love with him or do I end things for no reason because it can't go anywhere??? HELP! I feel like I should know what to do. I have given a million young women's lessons about dating non-members but it is completely different when you are with such a good person who treats you better than a lot of "members" that you have dated!!
Anyone with advice feel free to share, even if you are just some random person that happens to read this blog.. I could use any advice right now.


Kevin and Ruby said...

I jess! I am commenting only because you asked for input. You said in your post, "do I end things for no reason because it can't go anywhere??? "
Let me say that if you ended it because you want to be married in the temple, that is a great big reason and the only reason that will ever matter. Also you need to stop telling yourself that it can't go anywhere. It can. But should it? I think you need to put your foot down and decide to only date a man who understands the oath and covenant.