Saturday, January 5, 2008

New Year... New Start!!

So things have been crazy for a while and I have seriously neglected by blog. Really nothing too exciting has happened to write about and I don't have any fun new pictures so this will just be a boring blog of writing!!

So something new for the new year... ADAM.. Let me tell you a little about Adam, I call him my "computer geek" cuz essentially that's what he is but there is so much more to him than that. Adam works at Staker Parson with me and has definitely been my knight in shining armor on more than one occasion when my computer or anything related has decided to quit working. We have chatted here and there about all sorts of things and I have known for a long time that Adam had a crush on me. The only drawback to Adam is that he is not a member of the church which made me really hesitant to even consent to go on one date with him. Well, I don't know what changed my mind, maybe I was just sick of being set up with all sorts of return missionaries and not having anything in common with them. So Adam and I went out for the first time on December 14. I initially thought it would be fun to just go out and maybe make-out with him expecting nothing more. Well... I had a great time with Adam, better than 90% of my dates lately, so we went out again and then he bought me a present for my birthday and thus our secret romance began. By secret romance I mean that only two other people at work even know that we date!! Adam is so amazing, he is sweet and funny and sensitive and cute and smells good and just fun... I know that I have to keep thing in perspective because religion is an issue that doesn't go away but I have needed something like this for a while and it has been refreshing.. I feel so peaceful when I am with him, something that Jordan never made me feel!!
So by mentioning Jordan I feel that I should share some funny information about how he got what he deserved.. So I had been pushed and pushed away and finally had had enough but when Jordan got out of school he all of a sudden wanted to spend all of this time with me which totally bugged me cuz he expected me to drop plans that I had made to hang out with him. I hardly ever made time for Jordan but there were a few occasions that I would go to lunch with him or something. Finally Jordan figured out that I am dating someone else and he was freaking out so he made me dinner which I told him would only end bad.. Last saturday DEC. 30 we had our final talk where he told me how much he loved me and wanted to be with me... Blahblahblah but in the end I told him I had moved on and wanted nothing to do with him.. He called several times that night but I was with Adam and when I told him that I was it only made him more mad and then he couldn't stop throwing up and I finally told him to call his mom. Well two days ago I ran into Jordan's sister-in-law who told me she wished I could go to Hawaii with the family instead of Jordan and that he was all upset after Natalia broke up with him... What?!? who the hell is Natalia? oh don't worry she has been Jordan's girlfriend for the last 2 and 1/2 months!!! HA HA HA no wonder he never had time for me..
Now I must admit that I was hurt by this information but I was happy as well because I had not let him back in my life and now he was really suffering.. There is so much more that I could share about this story but let me just say that I will not be talking to Jordan ever again... I don't even want to know that he exists!!! I can't fathom how someone could lie to someone they supposedly care about for months but I can say that I am much better off without him at all in my life and I am grateful to have someone like Adam in my life right now!!!


The Legers said...

Jess....I love hearing what you are up to. I can't believe Jordan...he really screwed up to not get you--you are such a catch! Sorry I haven't emailed or called to get together for lunch yet. Mason has been in and out of the Dr.'s office all week and has NOT been napping and has been waking up every two hours to nurse. For two months he's MOSTLY been sleeping through the night and takes (2) 2 hr. naps a day....ahhh..things are crazy here, but when he's better, let's get together! I miss you and will let you know when I'm sane again. I will be posting about him and this little problema soon!
PS...Post more..I love how honest you are with life!

cheeks said...

Jess...aiyaiyaiy! Jordan is a fag!! That's all i have to say. He is way more drama than a girl...he was throwing up?!?! I can't believe he would lie to you like that, then you find out about Natalia from his sister?! That boy's got more than a few screws loose!!

I am happy for you and adam. You need someone to treat you well and appreciate you and it sounds like adam is doing a good job of it!

It was fun to see you in the mall over christmas. I wish we could have chatted longer...Happy late birthday! I'm a terrible friend. Hope all is well...tell your family hello for me! --Jami--