Monday, April 7, 2008

Me and my Gang

Alright when I say that the following pictures are in random order I mean it literally... I have been meaning to upload these pictures for sometime now and am just getting around to it. I figured I have a couple of options 1. Make an individual post for each picture or 2. Just throw them all in one post and blog about it!!! Obviously I chose the easier of the two options.

Brandee and I in our "Crazy" hats from the aquarium in south Salt Lake. I think we look pretty hot. I am sure all the guys would want us if we wore these out on the town.

Shellbell looking hot while jammin on the guitar hero guitar... I won't even tell you how many hours we spent playing guitar hero that night. (that's right I said hours, the game is freaking addicting!!)

The Hollis Girls.. Don't mind my chubby face I was retaining some serious water on Easter. Some members of my family thought I had gotten a boob job just to give you and idea of how bad it really was. I love my sisters aren't they all so beautiful?!?

Troy, Shelly, Me, Casey, and Jodi bowling last week. I just want to note that despite Jodi thinking she beat me and shelly in the first game she did in fact only beat Shelly.. I kicked both their a*s%S.

I could kiss those fish lips all day long!! Look where his hand in.. another great Hollis kisser in the making ha ha

Here's the front view of those lucious fish lips.. I swear he has the cutest stinkin face EVER

The guy in the back is Danilo, he was my professor in the MTC in Brazil... Not gonna lie it was extremely awkward going on a date with him.. I felt like I was totally breaking the rule ;) since when am I against that?

Me and my chicas!! I always have fun when we three are together!

Holy freaking cute babies.. Heston and Deegan are the first Municipal Elementary school babies and we all love them to pieces..

Carol, Alisha, Me... Alisha was my companion in the MTC who I hadn't seen for 5 years.. Crazy I don't feel like it has been that long since I was in the MTC


Brian Family said...

I LOVE all the pics. I cannot believe how grown up all your sisters look. You are beautiful girls! Let's get together soon K.

Shelly said...

Cute pics. I love the Municipal comment..

Lisa said...

I found your blog while I was snooping! You are so cute. I haven't seen you forever. It is good to see that you are doing so well!
--Lisa Olsen

Mariel said...


Sorry you weren't feeling good! We all were worries. Can I get your email address and I will send over some pictures?? I don't have a lot of them...and I'm sure you've seen all the ones I have but...I'll send them on over.

Yea, I took down that picture of Logan on my blog....I was hoping to have a picture of the two of you that I could put up so I could show why it unexplainably disappeared!

Love, Mariel

cheeks said...

i must agree...the hollis sistas are GORGEOUS!!

I'm surprised those boys are still around...that seems like forever ago that i remember seeing all the same party posse everywhere we went!

So, a date with the MTC professor, eh? That does sound like a rule breaker! Only you! And the couple in the front...they have very big white teeth! Sorry...i guess when you stare at teeth all day that's what you notice!

and yes, your nephew is learning young where hands go when kissing...i think Dawn should keep him away from you girls, he seems to know too much at such a young age! ha ha ha

Adam & Alisha Wickern said...

Hey Jess, This is Alisha (Vandenberg) Wickern, I just wanted to say hi. I was checkin out Becky's blog and saw you and wanted to see how you are doing. It has been quite a long time since I have seen you, you are adorable! I hope you are doing well!

Love, Leesha