Friday, May 16, 2008


It's about time!! I have been a dedicated fan of America's Next Top Model from season 2 (I missed the first season cuz I was serving the Lord) and every year I hope that the "bigger" or "real size" model can do well because I feel like it would be a victory for all us curvy girls out there. I don't if any of you have ever struggled with your weight but I can honestly tell you that sometimes I wish that I could just be o.k. with the way I look and not worry about my hip that are way too big or my little belly that just refuses to be flat. I honestly know that the blame lies with myself but I think that if there were more women in the media with normal bodies I wouldn't be worry so much about my own imperfectness.
I posted quite a few of the pictures Whitney took while she was on ANTM.. I think they are beautiful and I hope that the message that her winning sends out is that it's o.k. if you wear a size bigger than a 2 or a 4 and that you can be beautiful and sexy!!


Marc and Becky said...

I feel you in every way!!! I have the same insecurities I hate it. I think it would be awesome if a more voluptuous woman won!!!

Mariel said...

I don't think I've ever met a woman that was perfectly happy with the way they looked! It's pretty sad. Society has really done a disservice to women everywhere by glorifying that which is nearly impossible (unless you have lots of money for personal trainers and plastic surgery, lots of free time, and lots of access to makeup artists, designers and photoshop editing).

I think one of the best things a girl can do for their self-esteem is to avoid that crap...magazines, shallow people, gossip stuff, and any tv show that makes you think twice about the way you look.

Sean and Marcie Bourne Family said...

Amen Sister! You are so beautiful, it's hard to imagine you are worried about your looks. Hope things are going good for you. P.S I love the new blog, your have to let me know where you found it! So cute.

Jodi said...

Sorry I have never seen the show! But I would agree with you!