Saturday, May 10, 2008

Happy Birthday Logan!!

So today happens to be the birthday of two of my favorite men!! My dad and Logan both share May 10 as their birthdays. Since my dad is much older and never reads this blog I won't dedicate much time to him but I do love him SOOOO much and I am so grateful for all he does for me!!
Logan turns 27 today and so I though I might share 27 things that I like about Logan and some fun facts!!
1. He is super respectful of me and treats me so well.
2. He is one of the most patient people I have ever met.. Not too hard considering the family I come from!!
3. I like that he is taller than me.. I get to stand on my tip toes when we kiss sometimes ;)
4. He drives in the slow lane and sets cruise control at 67!! (It drives me crazy and he knows that and is ok with it!)
5. He is the 3rd of 7 kids
6. He served a mission in Guatemala

7. He is super ambitious and driven to succeed in life.
8. He is never on time to church.. NEVER!
9. I love to watch him with his niece Audrey.. especially when he talks real quiet to her and kisses her cheek.. Melts my little heart.
10. He is willing to do anything with me even if he hates comes to mind.
11. He will go see chick flicks with me, doesn't complain, and doesn't ask for anything in return ;)
12. He is not afraid to do funny things in public

13. He never swears or raises his voice
14. He relies on his sister Mariel for tonz of things.. the list is too long.
15. He never makes me feel stupid, even when I have my clutzy moments
16. He always want to hold my hand
17. He is super easy to talk to and is a GREAT listener!!
18. He has gained 15 pounds of pure muscle since we started dating!!
19. He is a great dancer, even though we haven't been I see his little moves and can only imagine!

20. He has a really good voice and I love when he sings along to the radio with me.
21. He is AMAZING at Guitar Hero- Lucky for me he has shared some of his secrets to help me be better!
22. He has a million books on being rich and successful..
23. He is really competitive and hates to lose.. even if it means not letting his 4 year old nephew beat him at Halo.. haha
24. He wants to be a mission President when he is young..
25. He wants to retire at 45!! (good luck with this one bud)
26. He once made me dinner and didn't call me back for 4 months!
27. He is more than I could have ever imagined!!

Happy Birthday Log... I am making him dinner tonight so hopefully he lives for another year ;)


Drica Rodrigues said...

Vc tá apaixonada!!!! Que bom!!!!

Devin and Becky said...

Hey so I was just about to blog about my hubby's bday which was also on the 10th of May. Anyways I thought it was way cool and whomever this Logan guy is that is a way good sign!!

Mariel said...

Yay! Happy Birthday to my brother! I must say I am fond of any tribute to him and of anyone that posts one on their blog!

I would like to add to it some of my favorite things about Logan...

1. He likes me. He visits me and gives me breaks from the kids!

2. I can tell that he really LOVES my kids and they really LOVE him. It's awesome to see him light up and my kids when he comes over. That's pretty amazing to have that connection with an Uncle. He better watch out...if something ever happens to Dan and I, he might inherit 4 kids!

3. He is not scared off by things considered "hard". He jumps in feet first, gives it everything and comes out a better person. If he wants to gain weight, he gains weight. (what a strange concept) If he wants to learn about something, he'll read 400 books on it. If he wants to start a business, it's started. He tries HARD at everything he does. Because of that, I have great faith in his abilites!

4. All the places that Dan doesn't like to go out to eat...I can just call Logan and he'll go with me in a second.

5. Logan is very loving to his family. He never talks down, is rude, unkind, or impatient with any of us.

6. He's easy to talk to. He likes to understand people and hear other's ideas, feelings, and opinions.

7. Every once in a while he will burst out in something totally goofy and not care at all. It's always so entertaining because most times he is so mild mannered. My favorite was at Noah's wedding when everyone was dancing and Logan did this hilarious dance in the "dance circle"! I was pretty impressed at how uninhibited he was!

Anyway, I don't want to take all the room on here, but wanted to add to the awesomeness of Logan! This is funny, but I have this memeory of being like 5 years old and telling my mom that I just wanted to marry Logan. I was all sad when she told me I couldn't marry my brother! Luckily, I grew out of that quickly, but I still think he's just as great.

Shelly said...

Good to know I'm not the only one who doesn't like to lose even if its to my niece or nephew. You guys are very cute together.

Jodi said...

Happy Birthday!